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Top Secret Mission (2011) 绝密使命

Top Secret Mission
Other Title: Top Secret Mission, 绝密使命

Genres: drama
Wu Dairong
 Xu Su

Release Date: 
January 14, 2011
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In 1928, the warlord Sun Dianying robbed the tomb of the empress Dowager Cixi and excavated the Tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi. Jin Tiexin, at the turn of the eight pilgrimages of the Yangtze River Yunshan, Haicheng Police Department, was ordered to lead the team. Intercept treasures. During the fight, all of Jin Tiexin’s men were killed. Jin Tiexin was wounded and ran away, but was rescued by the small tailor Shen Xiaozui in Qinghe Town. After recovering from his injury, Jin Tiexin lost his memory. He helped Shen Xiaozui punishing the bully, and the two had a secret love in their lives together.

In order to find his true identity, Jin Tiexin returned to Haicheng, but was hunted down a series of killings. It turned out that Yangtze River Yunshan, the police station, wanted to embezzle valuable treasures, but failed to assassinate repeatedly, and used Jin Tiexin’s memory loss to arrange for someone to pretend to be Jin Tiexin’s fiancée, looking for an opportunity to kill her. A weak woman, at this moment, decided to change her life to save Jin Tiexin. So, can the golden iron heart turn the danger into a breeze? Can the relationship between him and Shen Xiaozui be cultivated?

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