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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 20 Recap

Xinyan said that these photos are all work photos taken while working as a model. Mucci stood up and took the famous art painting as an example, hoping that everyone would treat this matter with an inclusive attitude. Although Yang Fan and Lu Jie had been entangled, they had to force He Xinyan to remember a big mistake. But thanks to the efforts of Zhong Yan, Mu Qi, and Pei Duo, most of the leaders are willing to give He Xinyan a chance to reform and rehabilitate, and he is given a lighter punishment. In the end, he decided to give He Xinyan a notice of criticism from the whole school without a record.

Just when the players were so angry, Mucci encouraged everyone to win the next game and qualify successfully, so that they have the capital to speak for their hearts. The morale of everyone is like a rainbow, and they are actively engaged in training.

He Xinyan’s criticism of the bulletin was extremely excessive, and everyone was very dissatisfied. Mu Qi approached Zhong Yan and hoped to change a few things. Yang Fan insisted not to let go, but Zhong Yan felt that changing the wording would not affect the result of the punishment.

Xinyan was waiting for Ming Yuan at the bus stop, and the two little girls opened their knots in their own way and got back together. On the other hand, Minghao came up with a “collective photo” method to support Xinyan, but he didn’t want to come forward by himself. So I told Wang Jingke, through Wang Jingke and Tang Qiqi to call on everyone to complete together. The girls in the cheerleaders group took pictures in swimsuits to protest the sharp words in the criticism.

Next week is the second game of the group stage. Ming Hao promised in front of Ming Yuan that he lost to Zhou Feizhou last time, but he would definitely win it back this time. At that time, his father would definitely be able to cheer up again.

Yang Fan asked the girls who took the group photos to tell them whether they were Mu Qi or Zhong Yan. But Qi Qi Mingyu is very smart, she cleverly ignored Mu Qi and Zhong Yan, and pretended to say rebelliously: “Who will listen to them.” In Yang Fan’s strong questioning, Qi Qi Mingyu burst into tears. .

It didn’t take long for the incident to spread throughout the school, and some even said that Yang Fan “bullyed” them. Zhong Yan informed Yang Fan that a special meeting will be held tomorrow to let him prepare well.

At the meeting, Ming Yuan told everyone that Yang Fan refused to listen to the explanation that day, and insisted that they were taking obscene and pornographic photos. They were worried about Vice President Yang’s special hobbies, so they were scared to cry.

This remark made Yang Fan anxious and angry, and he quickly got up to explain, and was warned by the leader to pay attention to his identity and not to teach his classmates at all times. All in all, Yang Fan made his own bitter fruit, lost his wife and broke down, so he had to eat this boring loss silently.

The second game of the critical group match has finally arrived, and Mucci has already deployed his strategy.

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