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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 19 Recap

Suddenly a private photo of He Xinyan broke out on the public forum post of Cuiying Middle School. At the school meeting, Yang Fan aggressively took out these photos and demanded that He Xinyan be taken down. Moreover, he hinted that everyone, He Xinyan became so nasty after joining the cheerleading team, so all this is attributed to Mucci, who is so despicable and worthy of being a teacher.

Just when everyone couldn’t find He Xinyan, Mu Qi found her by the bridge. But He Xinyan didn’t seem to worry about his situation, and even joked with Mu Qi. She posted a circle of friends and told everyone that she was fine. He Xinyan told Mu Qi that one of the photos taken was to make money, and the other was to piss his father, He Wenliang, the city’s top ten outstanding entrepreneurs. It turned out that after He Xinyan’s father abandoned Xinyan’s mother for a tender model, Xinyan was very angry and took a large-scale photo in a fit of anger. Mu Qi understood Xinyan, but neither of them knew who posted the photos to the forum.

Ming Hao accidentally saw He Xinyan’s photo on Ming Yuan’s computer at home. Ming Hao immediately realized that the photo was made by Ming Yuan, and Ming Yuan also admitted that he did it because Xinyan’s father had put his father in prison and put his family in trouble. Ming Hao once again emphasized that it was his father who did something illegal, not what he said. The siblings quarreled over this matter, and Ming Yu ran away sadly. On the other hand, Yin Jian also found out the results, telling Pei Duo the photo was done by Ming Yuan. Pei Duo was taken aback, and hurried to find her. Minghao notified his father, hoping that he would come to mediate.

Together, Ming Hao and Pei Duo found Ming Yuan in their old home. Ming Yuan told Pei Duo that in the past, he and Xinyan were very good friends, but one day, He Xinyan’s father suddenly pointed out that Yuan Yuan’s father had made a fake project. So, I couldn’t help but want revenge. At this time, Ming Hao’s father finally arrived, Ming Yu saw his father, grievances rushed into his heart, crying and threw into his father’s arms. Seeing his children relying on themselves so much, Ming Yuan’s father promised not to leave again, Ming Yuan was very happy.

Yang Fan reported He Xinyan’s matter to the Board of Education, in order to suppress Mucci and the team. Mu Qi and Pei Duo returned to school with heartfelt words, preparing to participate in a special meeting organized by the Education Commission. The classmates all expressed their support for her when they saw the glamorous heartfelt words. In order to protect Ming Yuan, Xin Yan locked her in the lounge and wanted to bear everything alone.

In the meeting, Xinyan took “Girls love beauty” as the starting point, which aroused the resonance of the female teachers present.

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