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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 18 Recap

Seeing Pei Duo get into the co-pilot of Mucci’s car with ease, Zhong Yan was very upset. Pei Duo noticed Zhong Yan’s emotions, so he said that something was going on and asked Mu Qi to send Zhong Yan home.
Wang Jingke complained to Ding Yu that Qi Qi was too harsh on himself, and Qi Qi happened to hear it. Qi Qi was very angry and turned around and left. Ding Yu accidentally discovered that Qiqi’s dropped album was full of Wang Jingke’s sketches. Wang Jingke watched quietly, with a smile on his lips.

Mu Qi announced to everyone that Guan Wenfei will play the main forward position in the future. Everyone was surprised, secretly making fun of Guan Wenfei’s lack of strength. Mu Qi asked Guan Wenfei to prove himself in front of everyone, but everyone only saw Wenfei making frequent mistakes. Soon, Qin Minghao saw Mu Qi’s intentions, and Mu Qi no longer covered up, telling everyone about Guan Wenfei’s genius.

Mu Qi told Petuo that the first game of the provincial league would be lost. First, you can save your strength, and second, you can confuse your opponent. In this way, after Wang Jingke, Gu Mo and other players return to the team, they can attack with all their strength and defeat their opponents in one fell swoop. This plan Mucci only told Qin Minghao, because he is a professional player, he can understand it himself without Much explanation. Sure enough, Qin Minghao also recognized that this is the safest way to play.

In the first game, Qin Minghao was deliberately “injured” and was sent off. Mucci changed the bench and soon replaced Zhou Jingwei. Lu Jie was puzzled and started to attack Mu Qi, but Mu Qi didn’t waver, he looked confident. Zhou Jingwei came down and asked Mu Qi why he wanted to replace him, but Mu Qi only said that he didn’t play well before replacing him.

Everything went according to Mucci’s plan. The opponent scored a free throw and scored a point. Lu Jie and the other team members were annoyed, saying that they would definitely lose if this went on. But Mu Qi still sits firmly on the Diaoyutai, ignoring Ding Yu’s call to play. The opponent scored two more goals, and the situation was even more critical. Just when everyone was frustrated, Guan Wenfei actively grabbed points with his extraordinary consciousness and scored a goal. Although the team lost the game, for Guan Wenfei, he has accumulated a lot of practical experience.

Lu Jie accused Mu Qi of being useless, and always looked like a dead skinny face. Pei Duo explained their plan to Zhong Yan, and Mu Qi took Lu Jie to the racing track, and the two began to feel the passion of racing.

The players were listless after losing the ball. Mu Qi told everyone that the temporary defeat is for the ultimate victory. Under Mu Qi’s instruction, Petuo also brought the cheerleaders to the beach to train. Seeing the goddess in their hearts, the players began to cheer up one by one and actively train.

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