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Four Captors in the Capital 四大名捕會京師

Four Captors in the Capital
Other Title: 四大名捕會京師 / “Big Masters of the Four Great Arresters”

Genres: Martial arts
Liu Haibo
Li Qingyu
Release Date:
Year 2003
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During the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong, Zhenyuan General Ling Luoshi collided with the traitorous traitor Cai Jing, who was treacherous. Ling Luoshi, who is also the deputy leader of the Wulin Major League, was killed by the leader of the Wulin Alliance due to the throne of the leader of the Wulin Alliance.

Instead, the young son escaped from the death with cold blood and repented as a prince. Hou adopted and grew up in the wolf cave. In order to fight against the high strength and insidious Ling Luoshi of the martial arts, the Zhuge god Hou not only taught cold blood martial arts individually, but also cultivated three other young people with great potentials: pursuit, merciless, iron Wu Gong was given by hand, and when it was successful, the difficult task of assassination of Ling Luoshi was launched in a combination of points and strikes.

Among the four disciples of Zhuge Shenhou, the elder brother was ruthless and his legs were disabled, but he was resourceful, used hidden weapon, and usually used a wheelchair to move; The second iron hand, once a head catcher, has deep internal strength, invincible iron palms, and ruthlessness. He usually makes a soft whip with his hand and his whip method is amazing. There is a lingering love relationship with the poisonous girl Duguyiren; but in the end, she finds that her beloved is Shui Furong. And spend a lifetime together.

The third child pursues his life, is better than light skill, has unique footwork, strong personality, cynical, good wine and greedy cup, but the more he drinks the more brave. Shui Furong is best, treat her like a sister.
Because of being ordered to assassinate Ling Luoshi, Cold Blood met Ling Luoshi, the pearl of Ling Luoshi’s palm. After many twists and turns, he found that killing his father and enemy, Ling Luoshi, was actually his own father, and he was in conflict with his rival. It was difficult to choose. with the assistance of Zhuiming shovel rape crime together to complete the task, the emperor reward, Royal seal of four as “Lawman”

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