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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 16 Recap

Wang Jingke persuaded Mucci, hoping that he would stay and continue to coach the team. With the joint efforts of many team members, Mucci was also moved by everyone’s sincerity and decided to stay.

There is still a vacancy in the provincial league, and Cuiying Middle School is also on the list. Mu Qi found Zhong Yan and reflected to her that he had valued the results too much before, but for the children of the team, the process is more important. He applied to Zhong Yan to continue to lead the team, and Zhong Yan quickly agreed. Fortunately, Cuiying Middle School was selected and will advance to the provincial league as a candidate. Zhong Yan told Mu Qi the good news, and both were very happy.

Yang Fan told Lu Jie about the team’s promotion. Lu Jie impulsively came to the principal’s office and accused Mucci of eating soft food. He also said that Zhong Yan used his relationship to make the team promote. Zhong Yan assured Mu Qi that she had never done so. Mucci believed her and promised that he would lead the players well, play well in the game, and let others see the strength of Cuiying.

Petuo Yomuchi met in the game hall, and Muchi told her about the team’s promotion. The two were very excited and had a great time playing in the game hall. During the meal, Pei Duo asked how Mucci had injured his ankle, and made a bold guess by himself, but Mucci totally denied it.

Mucci announced the news of the team’s promotion in front of the players, and everyone was very happy. Lu Jie quietly told Gu Mo that this promotion was the result of Principal Zhong’s black-box operation, so the team was promoted by cheating. Gu Mo brought the news to the other players, and they were all dubious.

Unknowingly, the news spread throughout the school, and it was also revealed on the Internet that there was shady in the promotion of Cuiying. This made Zhong Yan anxious.

Wang Jingke cheating was discovered by Lu Jie, and Lu Jie wanted to take him to the Academic Affairs Office to deal with it according to school regulations. Mu Qi and Pei Duo came to “rescue” Wang Jingke. Mu Qi falsely accused Wang Jingke, but he actually destroyed the evidence of Wang Jingke’s cheating. Lu Jie was anxious and took them to Yang Fan’s office. Yang Fan insisted on punishing Wang Jingke. This clock Yan came and decided to void the exam and retake the exam.

Wang Jingke vividly described the story of his rescue by Mu Qi to the players, and he happened to be heard by Mu Qi. Mucci was very disappointed in him and expelled him from the team. The team members persuaded Wang Jingke one after another, and asked Pei Duo to intercede with Mu Qi. Pei Duo made a condition: If Wang Jingke can pass the exam again, she will go to Mu Qi to help Wang Jingke to intercede.

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