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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 15 Recap

Mu Qi learned that it was Lu Jie who sent the email to instigate the parents, and he warned Lu Jie that if you continue to act in such a despicable way, then don’t blame yourself for being rude. Lu Jie was flustered and hurried away.

As the war is approaching, Mucci encourages the players: every player on the green field is a wolf. Everyone was enthusiastic and vowed to win the fourth high. Not long after the game started, the smell of gunpowder was very strong. Wang Jingke just wanted to launch an offensive, but unexpectedly fell to the ground injured and had no choice but to replace him.

At this time, Gu Mo also rushed to the arena, and he never felt the team needs himself more than this moment. So I asked Mucci to let himself play. But as soon as he played, he was given a yellow card from the referee. Mu Qi saw that this was the strategy of the Fourth Middle School. Sure enough, Zhou Feizhou’s subsequent flop caused the referee to send Gu Mo off the court with a red card.

At halftime, Mucci arranged tactics for the players and everyone rekindled their fighting spirit. But the second half was still dangerous, Ding Yu was injured and was replaced. Although Chen Yizhi’s defense was very strong, he still couldn’t help the opponent’s consecutive attacks. He was seized by the fourth center and scored a goal.

However, the god of luck favors Cuiying! Just when Qin Minghao’s offensive failed, another player’s coincident goal resolved the team’s crisis at the moment, and Cuiying was tied with the fourth in a one-to-one tie. The opposing player fouled, Qin Minghao got a free throw opportunity, but missed the opportunity to score.

At the end of the game, Zhou Feizhou taunted Qin Minghao again and talked about Minghao’s father. At this time, Ming Hao saw that his father had been standing outside the court watching the game. Zhou Feizhou insulted his father in front of Ming Hao and was knocked to the ground by Ming Hao. Zhou Feizhou was stimulated and injured Ming Hao’s father.

Although the game was tied, Cuiying was unable to qualify even if the game was tied. In other words, the team has lost. Everyone was very sorry, Pei Duo and Mu Qi summoned everyone to the beach to talk about their dreams. He encourages everyone to never forget the dreams they once had.

Pei Duo and Yin Jian had a quarrel. Yin Jian doubted the relationship between Pei Duo and Mu Qi, and Pei Duo was depressed because the team lost and had no intention of explaining to him. Pei Duo’s cell phone fell into Mu Qi’s car, just as Pei Duo’s mother called, Mu Qi had to pick up and explain the situation. On the other side, Ming Hao and Ming Yuan returned home, only to find that their father was not there. Ming Hao saw a note written by his father on the bed. He thought he would only drag his children, so he wanted to leave. Ming Hao and Ming Yuan were worried, and went out overnight to find their father.

Mucci told his partner Xiaohei that the team lost and he had no reason to stay in the team, so things on the court were considered bad. Although Xiao Hei was very angry, he was helpless. Pei Duo’s mother found Pei Duo and asked her about her mobile phone. Pei Duo confessed truthfully, and her mother tried her best to match her and Yin Jian again.

Mucci found Zhong Yan, said that he had no need to stay in the team, and formally resigned. Zhong Yan quickly retained Mucci and told him that there was still room for maneuver in the team’s promotion. But Mu Qi was determined and insisted on leaving.

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