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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 14 Recap

Mu Qi was called to the meeting room by Lu Jie. It turned out that the parents had misunderstood Mu Qi and came to trouble Mu Qi collectively, accusing him of organizing illegal tutoring and encouraging the children to fall in love early. Mu Qi was confused and did not know where to argue. Zhong Yan came to the rescue, but the parents were still reluctant and forced the school to dismiss Mucci.

At this time, Pei Duo took out his own performance chart to prove to the parents that after launching targeted tutoring, the performance of team members and cheerleaders had improved significantly. Coupled with Zhong Yan’s timely persuasion, this matter is finally over. But the parents are still quite dissatisfied with Mucci.

Much was irritated and said nothing, and drove out of the school alone. Pei Duo realized that parents would not come to school to make trouble for no reason. Zhong Yan speculated that someone had deliberately designed it. She told Pei Duo that the parents said that they had all received complaint emails, so they came to school to condemn Mucci. The team members also learned of this, and they were fighting for Mucci, trying to catch the culprit who sent the email. After thinking about it a little bit, they knew immediately that Lu Jie did it.

Zhong Yan also guessed that Lu Jie did a good thing, she furious in front of Lu Jie and told him that this was taken advantage of by Yang Fan. Today’s dangerous situation is very likely to be out of control. Lu Jie knew that he was wrong and apologized to Zhong Yan. On the other side, Pei Duo finally found out where Mu Qi might go. She found Mu Qi by the sea. Mu Qi said that the coach himself didn’t want to do it, and he also said something “unpredictable”. Pei Duo wanted to persuade him, but Mu Qi couldn’t listen.

In order to keep Mucci, the team members resorted to every possible means to convince their parents. Wang Jingke was soft and hard, pestering his father to send a text message to the principal Zhong Yan, “Agreeing to Mucci to coach the team”. The other team members did not disappoint, all persuading parents to send support text messages. When Zhong Yan saw these short messages, she finally settled down.

In the evening, Mu Qi had enough relaxation and was about to drive home, but found that Pei Duo was still waiting for him in the car. At this time, Zhong Yan called to tell him that the storm of the afternoon had passed. Mu Qi promised to continue training for the players tomorrow, and Zhong Yan was also very happy.
Gu Mo knew that it was Lu Jie’s email, and couldn’t bear him treating Mu Qi like this. He returned his sneakers to Lu Jie and wanted to move out of Lu Jie’s house. Gu Mo blamed himself because he revealed the secrets of the team that gave Lu Jie a chance.

The next day, Mucci asked the players to meet at the beach and set up tactics for the players. Suddenly Gu Mo sent a text message saying that he would quit the team, but was stopped by Wang Jingke and other players. Gu Mo didn’t want to explain, but everyone guessed it somehow. Although he was dissatisfied with Gu Mo’s “betraying” Mucci, everyone understood his difficulties under Pei Duo’s persuasion and sent a text message to inform him about the game tomorrow.

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