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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 13 Recap

Pei Duo was inspired by the chat with Yin Jian, and suddenly thought of looking for outstanding students from the school to be the tutors for the team members.

The pressure of the team to dissolve the crisis, coupled with the motivation of tutoring with the cheerleaders, makes the players full of learning. Mu Qi also gave everyone a “honorable and arduous” task: to be an envoy to protect the flowers and escort female students home. Everyone is even more excited. In the evening, Chen Yizhi sent He Xinyan home, took pictures of the shadows of the two and sent them to the circle of friends. Unexpectedly, Lu Jie saw this photo from Gu Mo and learned about the team members sending the cheerleaders home. He felt that he had grasped the handle and gave a small report to Zhong Yan.

The next day, Zhong Yan found Pei Duo angrily and asked her whether she had found a teacher from outside the school to teach the team members, and asked the team members to send the girls home after the tutorial. Pei Duo admitted one by one that Zhong Yan was extremely angry and told her that doing so had a great impact on the school’s reputation.

At this time, Mucci rushed to help Peido in time. Lu Jie accused them that they shouldn’t ask someone from another school to come to tuition, and Mu Qi would do the trick and let him be responsible for finding teachers to teach the team members. Seeing that the situation was about to reverse, Lu Jie still did not give up. Encourage Zhong Yan to continue to investigate, but Zhong Yan didn’t listen at all, only asking him for the reputation of the school, and stop spreading this matter in the future.

Qin Minghao and Ming Yuan came to pick his father out of prison, and Ming Yuan hugged his father and cried. Ming Hao couldn’t help the tears rolling in his eyes when he saw his father who was quite old. The brothers and sisters took their father to their new home, but sensitively they also noticed the depression in their father’s heart.

After completing the simulation test of the cram school, Mu Qi and Pei Duo asked the teachers who helped to make up the class to eat, and Pei Duo therefore refused Yin Jian’s invitation. At the dinner table, Pei Duo took turns toasting and drank a lot. Mu Qi looked at him coldly, as if he knew she was going to be drunk. Pei Duo was drunk and fell on the table. Mu Qi saw that Pei Duo’s three younger brothers had a good opinion of her, and deliberately said in front of them that he and Pei Duo were boy and girl friends, and said that he would send her back.

Ming Hao told his father that he had joined the school team and had started playing again, and he invited his father to watch the school team’s match against No. 4 Middle School next week.

The next day, Pei Duo woke up and blamed Mu Qi for saying those ambiguous things in front of the juniors yesterday. Mu Qi was puzzled and said that he was helping her to give up the three juniors.

In order to meet the next key game against No. 4 Middle School, the players practiced hard on the court, especially Qin Minghao. At this time, the monthly test results came out, and the players’ overall scores increased by 15%, but some of the team members were still unconvinced, and their results declined, especially Chen Yizhi and Ding Yu.

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