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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 12 Recap

In the evening, Mucci suddenly made an appointment with Zhong Yan for dinner. Zhong Yan was surprised and quickly agreed. The next day, Lu Jie accidentally heard Mu Qi’s phone call and learned that he was working on venue rental. At this time, just as Mu Qi took Zhong Yan to eat together, Lu Jie quietly followed.

Just as Mu Qi and Zhong Yan were talking about being happy, Lu Jie suddenly appeared and complained loudly: Mu Qi just wanted to use Zhong Yan to rent the school’s football field. Zhong Yan hurriedly persuaded the two of them and asked Mu Qi if this was the case, only then did Mu Qi admit it.

Zhong Yan agreed to the lease of the stadium without saying a word, and made Mucci speak out if he had any difficulties, and she helped solve it. Mu Qi was secretly happy, and promised to put the school team first. Mu Qi saw Pei Duofa’s friends circle in the hospital, so he found an excuse to leave early.

After Mu Qi left, Lu Jie and Zhong Yan quarreled again. Lu Jie confessed to Zhong Yan, but Zhong Yan directly refused. She confessed her feelings for Mu Qi in front of Lu Jie. Lu Jie was unwilling to say that she would reveal Mu Qi’s true face to Zhong Yan.

Mu Qi came to the hospital to visit Pei Duo, and the two confidants began to quarrel. Just when Mucci was about to leave, he was stopped by Pei Duo’s roommate who had just arrived. The three chatted more, and the roommate was very satisfied with Mucci.

In the evening, Lu Jie checked Ding Yu’s transcript at home, and it turned out to be a lot of “hot red”. He also found that Chen Yizhi’s results were also “hot red”. The next day, he approached Mu Qi and said about it, but Mu Qi didn’t care at all. On the contrary, Petuo realized the seriousness of the problem and promised to solve it by himself. At the school meeting, Yang Fan criticized the football team’s performance for greatly lowering the school’s average score. He also proposed: If the team’s academic performance does not reach the necessary level after the semester exam, then the team can only be disbanded.

The team members saw that Pei Duo helped Lu Jie embarrass them, and they were all very disappointed in Pei Duo, thinking that she and Lu Jie were in anger. Yin Jian was heartbroken when he saw Pei Duo who was extremely lost. Pei Duo was silent, so Yin Jian found Mu Qi and told him not to embarrass Pei Duo. But the careful Mu Qi found that Yin Jian came out with him this time, not so much as a “demonstration” to him, but as a show of love to Pei Duo.

Pei Duo set a strict timetable for the team members, extended the study time, and found a special teacher to help them study. The team members complained that, in order to motivate everyone, Mucci decided to call in the cheerleaders and study with them.

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