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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 11 Recap

Yang Fan was very dissatisfied with Zhong Yan’s statement, thinking that there was a problem with her management style, but Lu Jie thought she had some truth. Yang Fan disagreed, just wait and see to see what Muki can bring the team into.

The players discussed the reasons for the loss in the last game in the cafeteria. Some players believed that the team’s loss was inseparable from the fact that Mucci went first, but Wang Jingke resolved Mucci, and the players couldn’t help but fight. Lu Jie rushed to persuade the players to tell the players that it was because Mucci did not follow the rules that the team lost.

On the training ground, Mucci carefully analyzed the problems of the players. Ding Yu confronted Mu Qi, thinking that he was not qualified to speak of others. Mucci was very angry and punished the players for running 30 laps around the playground. When Yang Fan and Lu Jie learned of this, they thought it was malicious corporal punishment and immediately reported it to Zhong Yan.

The players sweated like rain on the playground and ran hard. When someone fell, the people around him would pull him up; if he was weak, the other team members would help him to run. At this time, thirty laps were no longer the torture of “malicious corporal punishment”, but the glue for the team. When everyone finished the last one hundred meters, Mucci bowed deeply, apologized for his behavior yesterday, and reviewed his fault in front of everyone. The players have accepted Mucci’s apology and carefully reflected on their mistakes in the last game.

Zhong Yan, Lu Jie and Yang Fan watched all this. Zhong Yan believed that coaches like Mucci really played an exemplary role for the team and couldn’t report it. Zhong Yan told Lu Jie that Yang Fan just wanted to kick herself off the stage, and hoped that Lu Jie would stop messing with him.
The players returned home and told their families that coach Mucci is really handsome. He ignited everyone’s football dream and twisted the team into a rope.

The team came to the beach for special training, Mucci decided to show his hand on a whim. Although he scored the goal perfectly, he got cramped and sat on the ground. Reminiscent of the X-rays seen at Mu Qi’s house last time, Petuo suspected that Mu Qi had suffered an ankle injury.

Zhou Feizhou found Qin Minghao again, and Ming Hao offered to make a bet with him. If he wins, then Zhou Feizhou can no longer speak ill of his father. Zhou Feizhou continued to provoke Ming Hao, and then Wang Jingke came and drove away Zhou Feizhou. Qin Minghao told Wang Jingke the specific reason why he had decided not to play football. Wang Jingke encouraged Ming Hao: In the subsequent match with Zhou Feizhou, everyone must go all out to win the match.

Yin Jian invited Pei Duo to dinner, but the conversation between the two of them had been around Mu Qi. On the other hand, Mucci’s training school is about to expire, but he has no choice.

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