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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 9 Recap

When Mu Qi saw the message that Zhong Yan had sent before, he immediately called Zhong Yan back. But Pei Duo suddenly rushed over to yell at Mu Qi, making Zhong Yan suspicious. Mu Qi finally rounded up, hung up the phone and began to teach Pei Duo. Pei Duo felt wronged and fell asleep crying.

The next day, Mu Qi left the dormitory first, and Pei Duo made him pretend not to know himself. But Mucci was lost on the road and happened to be seen by Chong Yue. Mu Qi walked to the station and met Chongyue again. Pei Duo stood aside, seeing that he couldn’t hide, so he pretended to meet Mu Qi to say hello. Chongyue suspected “what happened” between Mu Qi and Pei Duo last night, and Mu Qi had to explain it.

Mu Qi and Pei Duo were on the bus and saw a student chasing the car. Mu Qi was surprised at his endurance and speed and intentionally recruited him into the team, but was rejected.

Zhong Yan knew that Mu Qi hadn’t rested well last night, and sent him coffee and breakfast when prompted by her best friend. When she came to the lounge, Mu Qi was changing clothes. When she saw Mu Qi, who was well-built, Zhong Yan was amazed, and she was even more sure that he was his own Mr. Right.

Pei Duo found the information of Gu Mo, a student who was chasing the bus. He turned out to be a poor student at the school, but he was very sensible. In order to save money, I never take the bus and always run to school.

On the training ground, Wang Jingke and Ding Yu took turns to fight against goalkeeper Chen Yizhi. But Chen Yizhi improved so fast that he even blocked both goals. At this time, He Xinyan came to return the umbrella to Qin Minghao, and Chen Yizhi became jealous. The two competed again, and Qin Minghao’s beautiful free kick made Chen Yizhi fall, and the players were amazed.

Mu Qi found Gu Mo again and told him that he also came to the city from the countryside. At first he couldn’t make friends, but because he joined the football team, he fought side by side with his classmates on the pitch and felt the joy and responsibility brought by football. Gradually, there were more friends. After careful persuasion, Gu Mo willingly offered to join the school football team.

The next day, Gu Mo came to the team. Without any football experience, he had to learn everything from scratch. The players looked at Gu Mo’s clumsy footwork and were worried about the imminent game. In order to save Gu Mo’s training time, Mu Qi asked Pei Duo to solve his accommodation problem.

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