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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 8 Recap

On the training ground, Chen Yizhi was unwilling to be a goalkeeper. He felt that the goalkeeper was standing at the end and could not touch the ball a few times. Mucci patiently analyzed the importance of goalkeepers and introduced him to several outstanding goalkeepers in the world. Chen Yizhi finally figured it out and officially announced to everyone: Starting today, the goal is covered by himself. Mu Qi used the aggressive method to let Wang Jingke and Chen Yizhi “comparison.” Seeing Chen Yizhi gradually entering the state, Mu Qi told Pei Duo with satisfaction that this shortcoming of the goalkeeper in the team was finally filled.

Lu Jie asked Ding Yu about the team’s recent situation and was told that Chen Yizhi had joined the team as goalkeeper. Lu Jie was very dissatisfied with Mu Qi’s digging the corner of the basketball team and decided to file a complaint with Principal Zhong.

In front of Zhong Yan, Lu Jie accused Mu Qi of drawing a good basketball team captain to the football team as goalkeeper, but Mu Qi said that this was Chen Yizhi’s own decision. Pei Duo also stood up to explain, and promised that he would make a timetable for him and not delay his training and learning. Zhong Yan embarrassed Pei Duo again and asked her to make this timetable immediately, otherwise she could not leave work.

After school was over, it suddenly rained heavily. Ming Hao lent his umbrella to He Xinyan, which made Ming Yu very angry and rushed directly into the rain to quarrel with Ming Hao. Ming Hao told Ming Yuan that He Xinyan had done nothing wrong and should not do this to her. But Ming Yuan cried and said that if it weren’t for He Xinyan’s father, her father would not go to prison. Ming Hao comforted his sad sister and hugged her into his arms.

Mu Qi saw Pei Duo holding an umbrella standing in the downpour and waiting for the car, and took the initiative to stop the car to send her back. This scene was watched by Zhong Yan, which made her very unhappy. Unexpectedly, Mu Qi’s car suddenly broke down, and he and Pei Duo were trapped on the road. Pei Duo’s mobile phone was out of power, Yin Jian could not be reached, and the rescue center car was late.

On the road, Wang Jingke met Yang Qiqi, who loves to paint, and Yang Qiqi shared his views on raindrops, nature and the world. Wang Jingke was attracted by Qiqi’s dreamlike words, and the two talked very much. Happy.

Trapped in the car, Pei Duo and Mu Qi exchanged each other’s first love stories. Pei Duo learned that Yu Fei was not Mu Qi’s first love, and told Mu Qi his criteria for choosing a mate. Mu Qi deliberately sighed that none of them met. , It is safe. The two fell asleep and woke up, and the rescue vehicle finally arrived. Pei Duo School was nearby. She went back to the dormitory alone and reported her safety to Yin Jian. Yin Jian’s hanging heart finally fell, showing a gratified smile.

Pei Duo felt guilty when he thought that he let the rescue vehicle take away Mucci’s car, causing him to live on the street alone. She came out to find Mucci, and suggested that Mucci should go to a hotel near the school. Came to the hotel, but neither of them brought their documents. Remembering that his roommate was trapped by the heavy rain today, and said that he could not come back to live, Pei Duo took Mucci back to the dormitory.

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