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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 7 Recap

Petuo vaguely explained to Zhong Yan that Mu Qi managed to get Zhong Yan out of his rescue, but he ran into the police on the road. Just as it was about to be released, Pei Duo murmured: Fortunately, no documents were checked. This unintentional remark made the police stop them again, but to a surprise, Mucci had all the qualifications, and the police released the two after investigation.

Mu Qi and Pei Duo returned the car to Zhou Jingwei and his son. At this time, Yin Jian found Pei Duo and sent her back to school.

After several beach training sessions, the players’ physical strength and endurance have improved a lot. Pei Duo introduced Zhou Jingwei to a translation job so that he could earn money to subsidize his family while training with peace of mind.

Qin Mingyuan also joined the cheerleader. Seeing Ming Hao handing He Shuyan a drink, she went angrily and pushed He Shuyan to the ground. Pei Duo discovered a rather weird relationship between the three and intended to inquire He Shuyan, but He Shuyan did not want to disclose it at all. Ming Yuan confessed her mistake in front of Ming Hao and asked Ming Hao to keep a distance from He Shuyan in the future. Ming Hao couldn’t help her sister and agreed to her.

Encouraged by her girlfriends, Zhong Yan took the initiative to invite Muqi to dinner and watch the drama, but he had already made an appointment with Pei Duo to go to the game hall. For a while, Mucci was caught in a dilemma. It was almost the appointed time, Pei Duo looked for Mu Qi everywhere, but was told by Mu Qi that there was something to do and he could only make another appointment another day.

Mu Qi took Zhong Yan to a high-end winery for wine tasting, which made Zhong Yan in a good mood. She asked her side why he had been with Pei Duo that night, and Mu Qi told her that Pei Duo was sent home by her second-generation rich boyfriend that day, and she just sent the taxi back to Zhou Jingwei’s father.

Zhong Yan’s hanging heart finally fell. She gave Mu Qi an exquisite tie and offered to take him to a suit of suits. Mu Qi “reluctantly” agreed.

In the school meeting, Zhong Yan proposed to replace Pei Duo’s from the team, which was unanimously opposed by everyone. After the meeting, Zhong Yan found Pei Duo and assigned her a statistical analysis task to be handed in tomorrow. Time was tight, but Pei Duo was pressured to agree.

At this time, Yin Jian asked Pei Duo to eat. She remembered that Yin Jian was studying management, so she asked him to come to school to help herself. Yin Jian readily agreed and brought a group of subordinates to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Because He Xinyan joined the football cheerleading team, the basketball team captain Chen Yizhi was very upset. He said that the Cuiying football team was a bad team and fought with Wang Jingke and others. Mucci stimulates Chen Yizhi: He Xinyan wants to cheer unless he joins the football team. Chen Yizhi was agitated and immediately expressed his desire to join the team. Mu Qi intended to recruit him as a goalkeeper, but Chen Yizhi was unwilling to be a goalkeeper.

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