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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 10 Recap

In the name of Mu Qi, Pei Duo reported Gu Mo’s difficulties to Zhong Yan. Zhong Yan found Lu Jie and asked him to let Gu Mo stay at his home. Lu Jie guessed that this was Mu Qi’s idea, and he hated Mu Qi even more. Vice President Yang on the side gave him an idea: simply agree to stay overnight, so that Gu Mo must be grateful, which means that Lu Jie has inserted a “eyeliner” inside the team, which is more conducive to monitoring Mucci. Lu Jie felt so convinced and decided to agree to this matter.

In the evening, Pei Duo sent Gu Mo to Lu Jie’s place. Gu Mo was very satisfied with the new residence. The next day, Lu Jie also gave Gu Mo a pair of new sneakers, which made Gu Mo grateful.

The last time Pei Duo heard Mu Qi persuade Gu Mo and learned of his “past”, she was deeply moved by this experience of changing the trajectory of her life through her own struggle. She accidentally talked about it with Mu Qi. Mu Qi was surprised and told her that she was lying to Gu Mo. Pei Duo scolded Mu Qi as shameless, but Mu Qi said it was just a white lie.

On the training ground, “rookie” Gu Mo made frequent mistakes, and Mu Qi alone gave him a small stove to teach him some methods of playing football. Soon, Mucci asked Ding Yu and Gu Mo to fight, but he didn’t expect Gu Mo to guard Ding Yu to death, which surprised and delighted the players. Gu Mo himself is also very happy. Since joining the team, he has gradually integrated into the group and felt the strength and happiness of the team.

Mu Qi had a conflict with Pei Duo and Yin Jian about repairing the car. Pei Duo spit out Mu Qi fiercely at Yin Jian. Yin Jian saw that Pei Duo paid special attention to Mu Qi, and was envious in his heart, and hoped to get Pei Duo’s attention.

On the day of the match, the opponent of Cuiying Middle School was the not-so-strength Xinhua Middle School. Although the players’ offensives were all managed to resolve by the opponent, Mucci still felt that the victory was in hand after looking at the situation on the field, so he left early. He was drunk with a group of friends in KTV, Pei Duo came to pick him up and sent him home.

Mu Qi gradually woke up, Pei Duo told him that he had lost the game, and Mu Qi was taken aback. It turns out that the opposing team is a team that is very good at counterattacks and seized the opportunity to score a free kick. Mu Qi told Pei Duo that although the game was lost, it was more likely to be a gain for the players.

From Gu Mo, Lu Jie learned that Mucci had left the game early and that the team had lost the game. He reported to Zhong Yan and blamed Mucci for the team’s failure. Zhong Yan was impatient to listen. She compared the team’s previous results with the current results, and expressed her attitude: she is very satisfied with the team currently led by Much, and hopes that Lu Jie will not always target him.

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