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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 6 Recap

Lu Jie asked Zhou Jingwei to talk to the principal’s office, but Zhou Jingwei confessed: No one forced him, he returned to the team voluntarily. At this time, Mu Qi came to rescue Jingwei, and Zhong Yan’s active adjustment, Lu Jie had no choice but to return. Pei Duo wanted to help Zhou Jingwei financially and ease his family difficulties, but was stopped by Mu Qi.

Mu Qi thanked Zhong Yan for inviting her to eat out, and happened to meet Yu Fei who had just got off the car. Zhong Yan recognized her, but Mu Qi pretended not to know Yufei. The next day, Yu Fei came to the training center to find Mu Qi and asked him why he sold the locomotive full of their memories. Mu Qi said in a few words, Yu Fei was very disappointed.

In the friendly match, everyone’s morale was high. Ding Yu made a beautiful pass, which paved the way for Qin Minghao’s goal. Afterwards, the players pursued the victory and scored another goal. At the end of the game, the players cheered on the field and tasted the fruits of victory. But Zhou Jingwei was too late to feel joy, and was anxious to work to earn money.

In the evening, Mucci called to criticize Zhou Jingwei for not joining the team and forced him to participate in training tomorrow. The next day, Mu Qi and Zhou Jingwei continued to argue over this. Pei Duo was anxious and wise, agreed to work for Zhou Jingwei and let him train with peace of mind. The problem was temporarily solved.

Much used Zhou Jingwei as the core to formulate the strategy at this stage, but Zhou Jingwei was absent-minded. He looked at his watch from time to time, as if he was worried and was taught by Much again. After the training was finally over, Pei Duo drove Zhou Jingwei home, and went to make the remaining orders, but the police found that she did not have the qualification certificate on the road.

The police arrested the taxi and took Pei Duo back to the police station. Pei Duo explained the causes and consequences, and the police agreed to open the Internet. The matter ended with Mu Qi posing as Pei Duo’s boyfriend to the police station to pick her up.

In the car, Mu Qi asked Pei Duo why he didn’t ask her rich second-generation boyfriend Yin Jian for help. Pei Duo immediately explained that the two of them were only family relations. Zhong Yan misunderstood that Mu Qi was Pei Duo’s boyfriend and was very anxious. After struggling, he decided to call Mu Qi to find out the situation. But it was Pei Duo who answered the call, which made her even more surprised.

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