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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 5 Recap

Late at night, Ding Yu was still practicing on the court. Seeing Wang Jingke coming over, he couldn’t help but ridicule his old teammates. Wang Jingke reminded him loudly: playing together is their common dream, and promised to do everything possible to get him back to the team. But Ding Yu did not appreciate it, and accused Wang Jingke of forgetting his roots.

Lu Jie continued to stimulate Ding Yu with that free kick, which made Ding Yu disappointed in the team. Lu Jie hopes that Ding Yu will return to the team and report the team’s movements to him. If Much does anything excessive, he will immediately intervene. Under Lu Jie’s persuasion, Ding Yu took the initiative to request to return to the team. Mu Qi welcomed Ding Yu’s return, but adjusted his position to full-back, which made Ding Yu very upset.

Upon learning of this, Pei Duo ran up to speak for Ding Yu in awe-inspiring manner, which made Ding Yu quite moved and had a good impression of Pei Duo. In front of Pei Duo, Ding Yu promised Mucci to accept the adjustment and play the position of the edge forward.

Yang Fan organized a meeting of school teachers and seriously criticized the football team’s behavior of organizing female students to watch football games. At the same time, Mu Qi asked Wang Jingke to inquire about the girls the players liked and made a list. Mu Qi asked Pei Duo to find these girls to join the cheerleader, and let He Xinyan, the recognized “goddess school flower”, be the captain.

Mucci wants football master Zhou Jingwei to return to the team, but it is rumored that Zhou Jingwei has worked hard to prepare for the college entrance examination and has no intention of playing football. Through investigation, Mu Qi learned that Zhou Jingwei’s father was a taxi driver, but he had recently fallen ill, so Zhou Jingwei has been helping his father share the work. Mu Qi used this as a threat to let Zhou Jingwei join the team and report them illegal operations if he didn’t agree.

On the training ground, everyone was very surprised to see Zhou Jingwei who suddenly returned to the team. But Pei Duo was furious and asked if Mu Qi forced them. Mu Qi produced evidence and told Pei Duo that Zhou Jingwei would pick up guests every day while watching others play, which shows that he still loves football in his heart and has a dream for football.

When Lu Jie learned that Zhou Jingwei had returned to the team, he immediately ran to Zhong Yan to make a small report, accusing Mu Qi of forcibly pulling good grades into the team in order to recruit players, but Zhong Yan told Lu Jie not to slap hats. The two couldn’t help but decided to ask Zhou Jingwei to ask questions.

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