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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 4 Recap

Pei Duo took the initiative to apologize to Mu Qi for what happened yesterday, and deleted Yu Fei’s photo in front of Mu Qi.

Pei Duo ran into Mu Qi at a party with his best friend, and Mu Qi told Pei Duo that he would also arrange a training match with the Normal University on the weekend. In this training match, the main force of Qindao Normal University came on the field. Mucci arranged a new strategy, but he was not taken seriously by Chong Yue. With the cheer of the girls off the field, the players were enthusiastic and won the game.

Pei Duo asked Mu Qi to pretend to be his boyfriend and have dinner with Chong Yue. During the meal, Mu Qi deliberately showed intimacy with Pei Duo, which made Chong Da stunned. Mu Qi became more and more vigorous, and Pei Duo finally couldn’t listen anymore. She interrupted Mu Qi and accused him of slandering his innocence. After some explanations, Chongyue would be wrong, thinking that he had a special place in Pei Duo’s heart, and asked Pei Duo to thank Mu Qi for his cooperation.

After eating, Pei Duo walked forward angrily, accusing Mu Qi of smearing herself, but Mu Qi took a bite of “Pei Duo sugar daddy” and “Worshipping gold” Pei Duo was anxious and kicked him. In the car, Mu Qi said that he saw Pei Duo in an Audi A6 and hugged an old man, but Pei Duo had no guilty conscience and told him that it was his father. Mu Qi was surprised when he knew the truth. Endless. Mucci teaches the players and tells them that it doesn’t matter if they have no experience or strength. As long as they have a firm belief in victory, nothing is impossible. This impassioned mobilization class was also seen by Zhong Yan outside the door, and she couldn’t help but be even more sure of Mucci’s ability.

Mucci further arranged game strategies for the players, exploited their strengths and circumvented their weaknesses, and seized opportunities. Qin Minghao advanced a goal, but Mu Qi was not happy. Because in the fierce cheering of the girls cheering team, the players were too excited, which led to exhaustion and made the situation in the second half difficult. The striker suddenly had a cramp.

At this time, Ding Yu took the initiative to ask Ying, and wanted to return to the game, Mucci agreed. Ming Hao took a free kick and Cuiying Middle School won two consecutive victories. The team members and the girls watching the match were very excited. In the cheerful atmosphere, Ming Yuan warned Ming Hao not to contact He Xinyan again, reminding him not to forget why his father was in prison. Zhong Yan promised Mu Qi that he was willing to pay for a batch of new training equipment. Mu Qi thought a little bit and had her own ideas.

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