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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 3 Recap

Zhou Feizhou is the captain of the Fourth Middle School football team. He has always wanted to compete with Qin Minghao in football. The Cuiying School team defeated the No. 9 Middle School team to qualify for the promotion. Zhou Feizhou thought that Qin Minghao was in the Cuiying team. So went to the football field of Cuiying School to find Qin Minghao.

Wang Jingke led the players to play on the court. Zhou Feizhou learned from Wang Jingke that Qin Minghao had not joined the team and left the stadium disappointed. He met Qin Minghao on the road and deliberately said something mocking Qin Minghao.

In order to recruit Qin Minghao, Mu Qi secretly found three friends to harass Qin Minghao brothers and sisters, dressed as punks. Qin Minghao thought that the person he met was a gangster, so he had a good impression of Mu Qi who came to help and expressed his willingness to join the Cuiying team on the spot.

Qin Mingyu was frightened, and when she returned home, she burst into tears, believing that she dragged down her elder brother Qin Minghao and caused Qin Minghao to join the team. Qin Minghao has actually solved the knot and felt that it is not a big deal for him to play football again. Qin Mingyuan smiled when he saw that he really wanted to play.

Mu Qi successfully tricked Qin Minghao into joining the team. He and three friends dressed as gangsters ate supper at a roadside stall. Thanks to the three friends for their help. The scene of four people eating supper was witnessed by Pei Duo, who was passing by in a car. Pei Duo was also one of the parties involved. She saw that the Qin brothers and sisters were harassed by three gangsters. She had no hesitation and stepped forward to help. Much, who scared off the three gangsters, showed respect. The scene before him was enough to show that Much and others tricked Qin Minghao into joining the team. Pei Duo couldn’t laugh or cry, but didn’t get out of the car to find Much to settle accounts.

After all, Mucci’s starting point is good. If the team has Qin Minghao to join, it will enhance its strength.
Qin Minghao officially joined the school team. He is a well-known football player at school. Everyone cheered because he joined the team. When Wang Jingke accidentally kicked the ball onto the female student tyrant Tang Ranqi while playing football, Tang Ranqi said a few words about Wang Jingke, making her face sweeping and not digging a hole in.

Pei Duo brought up Qin Minghao’s joining the team with Mu Qi off the court, blaming Mu Qi for being too despicable and shameless. As long as Qin Minghao can join the team, he thinks it is understandable for him to resort to insidious tricks.

The big star Yu Fei was once Mu Qi’s girlfriend, Mu Qi and Pei Duo went out for a day, and met Yu Fei at the restaurant. Yufei took the initiative to greet Mu Qi, saying that he could continue to meet with Mu Qi in the future. Mu Qi looked disapproving and politely declined Yu Fei’s kindness. This made Pei Duo amazed, with a look of curiosity analyzing the reasons why Mu Qi and Yufei broke up.

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