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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 1 Recap

A football was thrown high into the sky, and the fierce football match began to be intense. Dribbling, passing, and the players are fluent. Time after attack, time after defense, Lu Jie, a physical education teacher at Cuiying Middle School, moved his heartstrings. Just before the end of the game, the players of Cuiying Middle School finally got a beautiful header with the opponent Qindao No. 2 Middle School, the battle was 1:4, still a miserable defeat.

It turns out that this Cuiying Middle School football team is a well-known “waste” team. After the game, the winning team laughed at the “waste” team again, causing the players from both sides to scuffle. This scene was filmed by the onlookers and posted online.
The principal of Cuiying Middle School, Zhong Yan, was reprimanded by the leaders because of the group fight. In her eyes, this football team was useless and would only humiliate Cuiying Experimental Middle School.

In the lounge, the players are discussing the city middle school league. They are in their second year of high school and their third year is not allowed to participate, so this is their last chance. The last game of the group stage is left, as long as they win the match against Nine Middle School, they can qualify. But Nine Middle School is stronger than their opponents in the previous two games, and some players have begun to want to give up. Captain Wang Jingke encouraged everyone: No matter you win or lose, you must do your best.

A bright red car was speeding on the road, passing by the puddle without slowing down, splashing the mud all over the roadside uncle. Pei Duo saw this scene. She slammed on her bicycle and finally caught up with the car at the traffic lights. She asked the owner why he didn’t slow down, but the owner Mucci didn’t guilty and pointedly pointed out that the uncle was crossing the road. Splashing him in mud. He also accused Pei Duo of riding a bicycle and parked on a motorway, which also violated traffic rules. The two formed a beam.
Through a gathering organized by friends, Zhong Yan and Mu Qi met, and she was quite satisfied with Mu Qi, both in appearance and in conversation, she loved her.

Through further communication, Zhong Yan also learned that Mucci is opening a football training school. But in fact, Mucci’s football training center has just improved a bit, but the rent of the venue has to rise again. He was deceived in his previous investment and the stocks were locked up again, and he was in a dilemma for a while, so he agreed to Zhong Yan to become the coach of the football team of Cuiying Middle School. On the other side, in the principal’s office, Pei Duo also came to report as a new trainee teacher. Zhong Yan saw Pei Duo’s Taekwondo rank and sent her to be the football team leader.

For the newcomer Mucci, player Ding Yu was slightly dissatisfied. Without saying anything, Mucci immediately opened Ding Yu, ignoring the fact that he was the main player of the team. He told the players that the game three days later can prove his coaching ability, but the premise is that the players must absolutely obey him.

On this day, Mucci found that there were only a few players to participate in the training, and these players had discussed it. If Mucci did not get Ding Yu back, they would protest collectively and stopped playing. Mucci put forward a condition: if they win the training match arranged for them today, he will definitely get Ding Yu back; but if they lose, they will be unconditionally obedient in the future.

And the opponent in this competition is actually elementary school students. The players looked at each other and didn’t pay attention to these little players. But during the game they gradually discovered that the little players had their own strengths and cooperated properly, and they even scored points again and again and finally won the game. Mucci also established his prestige in the team.

The most exciting competition for the right to qualify has finally arrived. Mucci has formulated a confrontation method to narrow the opponent’s offensive range in response to the actual situation of the enemy’s strength and the disparity in strength. Although this “high position defense” is very effective, the coach of the Ninth Middle School also found a solution in time. Much had already expected this. He told the players to use “offside” to make the opponent foul, and the two sides fell into a stalemate. The leader Pei Duo couldn’t bear to come over to ask Mucci, but Mucci only said: It is not time to attack.

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