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Go! Goal! Fighting! (2016) 旋风十一人

Go! Goal! Fighting!
Other Title: 旋风十一人 / Shao Nian Soccer / 少年足球 / Youth Soccer / Cyclone Eleven

Genres: drama, Friendship, Romance, School, Youth, Sports
 China Mainland
Lee Kwok Lap
 Bai Yi Cong
Dragon Television
Release Date: 
Apr 1, 2016 – Apr 15, 2016
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  • Hu Ge as Mu Qi/ Xie Yu
  • Maggie Jiang as Pei Dou
  • Zeng Li as Zhong Yan
  • Oscar Qian as Lu Jie
  • Niu Jun Feng as Wang Jing Ke
  • Sebrina Chen as Tang Qiqi

Mu Qi is a retired football coach who is drawn in by Pei Duo’s enthusiasm for soccer. She convinces him to return to the world of sports to train their local high school football team.

By coincidence, Mu Qi (Hu Ge) became a middle school football coach. As a result, he became a middle school football team that couldn’t even win the elementary school team.
For a while, almost everyone was full of doubts about the Mucci who came by air, but Mucci led the team to win the first victory with an excellent strategic deployment, and used his incredible methods to teach students according to their aptitude, which not only made this group stubborn. The boy was convinced, and his teacher Pei Duo (Jiang Shuying ) changed his opinion.

Mu Qi began to gradually establish a deep friendship with the team members. The students who had troubled students not only increased their confidence and actively trained, but also improved their academic performance by leaps and bounds. Just as everything is developing in a good state, troubles of all sizes follow one after another. Lu Jie deliberately finds faults, hoping that one day he can kick Mu Qi out of school; Zhong Yan frequently shows good to Mu Qi, and Mu Qi uses team training as an excuse Avoiding Zhong Yan’s suggestion and express, Zhong Yan actually got more frustrated and brave.

It was such a “heterogeneous” coach that made the unknown 17th lieutenant colonel team embark on a dream journey of conquering the provincial annual competition, and Mucci became the team’s well-deserved “ruffian hero”. At this moment, Mucci was in trouble one after another, and his coaching qualifications were questioned by the organizing committee. The past of “playing black ball” and “gambling” was gradually dug out: it turned out that Mucci was originally known as Xie Yu, who was known as China. The former football star of the next generation of international footballers retired early at the age of 28 due to injuries and scandals. On the other side, they managed to get together with Pei Duo, but they were fiercely opposed by Pei Duo’s mother. The team also entered the final knockout round, but was about to Facing the embarrassing situation of not having a coach. In the end, coach Mu Qi led everyone to achieve the “impossible” miracle, harvested a beautiful love, and also recovered the original dedication to dreams in his career.

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