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V5 Crossing: Gossip Princess Loves to Climb the Wall

V5 Crossing: Gossip Princess Loves to Climb the Wall
Other Name: V5穿越:绯闻王妃爱爬墙

Genre: novel
Author: 白落微
Year: 2011
Chapter: 149
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Gossip Princess Loves to Climb the Wall

Free Reading Highlights:
The lingering air and fog turn, and the condensed steps are like flowers. The flying snowflakes put a white coat on the Shu Mansion in the deep winter. In the remote “Huamei Garden”, a few red plum blossoms are blooming just right. The delicate red, under the pure snow color, is like a blood-soaked monster eye, so beautiful that it is thrilling!

Under the night, a carriage was quickly driving out of the back door of “Huamei Garden”. Regardless of the bumps and bumps of the road, the rapid bumps in the silent snowy night in the deep winter.

In the carriage, the short man stared at the ugly woman who was still sleeping and was wrapped in a red quilt: Shu Qingwu, and sighed: “Brother, this third lady is also very poor. Although it is very ugly, we are like this. Do it…”

“We also use people’s money to do things for others. She can’t blame us for this, but her uncle is to blame!” The tall man called the eldest brother replied in a muffled voice.

The carriage galloped for a while, and stopped outside a gorgeous other courtyard. The tall man carried Shu Qingwu on his shoulders, jumped out of the carriage, and led the short man quickly into the Zhangfu Courtyard.

“Baby, finally here!” Only when she carried Shu Qingwu into the door, Zhang Yuanwai could not wait to walk up: “Put it on the bed and you can go!” The full-faced Zhang Yuan rubbed his hands. The expression in the eyes almost wanted to swallow Shu Qingwu in one bite!

The two men retired at their orders and brought member Zhang to the door.

“Baby, you made me wait so hard!” Zhang Yuanwai, who is nearly 50 years old, tried hard to control his excitement, and impatiently untied the rope with the quilt with his hands!

“**One night is worth a thousand dollars, I bought one night at thirty-two, really earned!” Although Zhang Yuanwai has a lot of wives and concubines, he likes young women very much, so he spent thirty-two to buy the famous capital city. Ugly girl: Shu Qingwu!

Anyway, the candle was blown, who knows if she looks good or not?

Untied the rope, Zhang Yuanhou hurriedly opened the quilt that wrapped Shu Qingwu’s body, his big mouth almost leaked water…

As soon as the quilt was opened, Shu Qingwu opened his eyes fiercely, and his right hand had already grabbed the quilt from Zhang member’s hand in a thunderous manner, and used the quilt as a tube top and wrapped it back on his body. …

Almost at the same time, he raised his foot to face Zhang Yuan’s chest with a kick… his left hand quickly pulled out the hairpin of the velvet hair.

“Ah…” Member Zhang backed away in pain, swaying his body against the table. The blowing wind extinguished the candles on the table. The huge room was instantly dark, and I could only barely see the contents of the room by the moonlight coming in!

“You…” Before Member Zhang scolded, Shu Qingwu slammed to the side of Member Zhang. The hairpin on his left hand had already reached Member Zhang’s throat.

“If you don’t want to die, just shut up!” Lowering a somewhat hoarse voice, Shu Qingwu narrowed his eyes, threatening to ignore the messy hair!

“You, you, you…” Member Zhang was so scared that he couldn’t say anything clearly. He didn’t expect that the ** would become like this overnight: “Aren’t you dumb? You…”

Shu Qingwu was stunned, but his eyes burst into a cold light, “Shut up! Are your dirty hands worthy of touching me?”

“Thirty taels of silver, I gave the money!” Zhang Yuanwai also came back to his senses, paid the money by himself, and made her fly away without reason.

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