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Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예 Episode 8 Recap

Liu Shizhen needs to report the rescue situation to his superiors. Jiang Muyan needs to use the phone because he has something to do, so he returns to the base camp with him. The phone call is to the wife of squad leader Gao. In the last days of Squad Leader Gao, he recalled his life with his wife when he was together little and more apart, and he showed his signature silly smile. He asked Jiang Muyan to tell his wife how to deal with the pension, and he told his wife not to be single for too long. Jiang Muyan held back his tears and hung up the phone.

Daniel was repairing the vehicle. Li Yihua helped him while complaining that he didn’t know how to adapt. Daniel is not only engaged in the peaceful medical business like Schweitzer, but also the rich second generation of a Canadian hedge fund family. Because his mother is Korean, he is very famous in NGOs and South Korea and is the idol of Lee Chi Hoon.

Liu Shizhen followed and comforted Jiang Muyan who was sobbing all the way, and then pointed her to the stars in the sky. Jiang Muyan sighed with emotion that the stars did not know the pain that the earth had experienced, and the silver light shone like no one else was really cheeky. Liu Shizhen thought he was self-defeating again, but Jiang Muyan seriously said gratitude to him.

Due to the earthquake, Chen Yongshou did not deliver the goods on time and was beaten up by Argus who had joined the “Death Merchants” organization. Faced with the threat of death, Chen Yongshou had to agree to prepare the diamonds by the next night.

Xiao Jiang, wearing a high squad leader’s helmet, woke up from a coma and found that he was still in the ruins, feeling very helpless. Outside the ruins, Chen Yongshou adhered to the concept that disappearance is death. Regardless of the safety of other personnel, he insisted on digging and clearing the building on the west side, but Xu Darong was driven out of the scene.

Xu Darong urged the team members not to give up any survivors, and Li Zhixun led the Alpha team and the medical team into the building for search and rescue.

The search and rescue team split up. Li Zhixun first discovered Xiao Jiang who was trapped underground. When he was about to be pulled up, there was a strong aftershock. Xiao Jiang was hit by a stone and fell back to the ground. Strong fear struck, Li Zhixun left Xiao Jiang and ran out of the building in a panic.

After the aftershocks stopped, Xu Darong led the team into search and rescue again and confirmed the location of Xiao Jiang. After Liu Shizhen rushed back to the scene from the base camp, he immediately entered the building with a first aid kit. Due to the unstable earthquake situation, Jiang Muyan was left in the command room.

Xiao Jiang’s physical signs were stable, and Jiang Muyan used the walkie-talkie to direct Liu Shizhen to treat him. After Liu Shizhen’s questioning, it was learned that Xiao Jiang had climbed from the east side of the building to the west side along a passage. He did not know the existence of the passage before. Xiao Jiang’s legs are pressed by cement, and he needs hydraulic pumps and medications for allergies. Considering that it is more dangerous to stay in the ruins, Liu Shizhen ordered Xu Darong to go out and fetch items.

When Xu Darong was about to return to the building, there was an abnormal vibration in the direction of the power station. Chen Yongshou hurriedly jumped off the wall and drove an excavator to dig a hole in the ground. The soldier who was driven kicked out of the cab and was taken into custody.

After Chen Yongshou’s devastation, a small-scale collapse occurred inside the building. The communication between the command room and Liu Shizhen was interrupted. Anxious Xu Darong immediately assembled his troops for rescue. Yin Mingzhu knew that he couldn’t stop him, and his eyes were full of worry. Xu Darong understood and saluted her to comfort her.

In order to protect Xiao Jiang, Liu Shizhen injured his right hand. While bandaging the affected area, he explained his three failed confession to Jiang Muyan to relieve Xiao Jiang’s nervousness.

I couldn’t reach Liu Shizhen, and everyone in the command room was very anxious. Jiang Muyan squatted aside, calmly tightened his shoelaces, and told Mingzhu that he was ready to go to the battlefield at any time and could not fall.

Xu Darong arrived successfully and rescued Liu Shizhen and Xiao Jiang from the ruins. Seeing that Liu Shizhen was safe and sound, the tension in Jiang Muyan’s heart finally relaxed. The soldiers rushed to chatter Chen Yongshou and asked how to deal with it. An angry Xu Darong rushed over and punched him in the face, causing Liu Shizhen to applaud again and again.

Liu Shizhen played a tricky head, relying on Jiang Muyan to deal with his wounds. Jiang Muyan said that he was really afraid that he would die, and Liu Shizhen quickly comforted her by saying that she was a man capable of protecting herself, so she was relieved.

Haixing Hospital is about to send a plane to take the medical team back to China. The captain notified Jiang Muyan to draw up a list of returning personnel. Due to the beating of Chen Yongshou, Liu Shizhen, Xu Darong and the deputy squadron leader were fined to run to the training ground. Jiang Muyan was worried about his wounds and sent medicines intimately. Liu Shizhen took her hand and asked if she would leave by plane, but Jiang Muyan was noncommittal.

Jiang Muyan organized a meeting with the medical team. Although everyone wanted to return to China, Nurse He, Nurse Cui, and Dr. Song finally decided to stay in Uruk with Jiang Muyan, leaving the place for the seriously injured.

Li Zhixun blamed himself for leaving the patient to escape. He secretly ran to the ward to see Xiao Jiang. When he was found, he wanted to leave, but Xiao Jiang stopped him and said he was not worthy to be a doctor. Jiang Muyan found Li Zhixun and advised him not to think too much, and quickly returned to China to accompany his wife who was about to give birth.

After looking for the missing squad leader Gao for guidance, Xiao Jiang Jingren saw the name of the squad leader Gao on the death list and cried.

Communications resumed, and members of the medical team were busy contacting family and friends. Li Zhixun still couldn’t let go of his escape, hiding outside alone, looking at his wife’s call, but hesitated to pick up.

Daniel helped the medical team repair various damaged electrical appliances, and Jiang Moyan used his mobile phone to connect to the radio to play songs. The beautiful music flows slowly, soothing the pain of the patient and awakening the love in the hearts of lovers. It was a beautiful night, but accidents like this always happen. For example, Xu Dayong once again ran away from Yin Mingzhu with a cold face, or when Jiang Moyan showed his love to Liu Shizhen when he was in distress, the distress recording was broadcast. Every corner of the camp. Jiang Muyan regretted it and finally heard the voice of his lover, Liu Shizhen couldn’t hide his smile on his lips.

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