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Four Captors in the Capital 四大名捕會京師 Episode 16 – 20 Recap

Episode 16 General Killed
Six doors were investigated by the banker Chen Dafu of Qianzhuang, and the unnamed huge silver ticket was opened by Wang Zongkai. While looking for Chen Dafu’s confrontation, Chen was poisoned to death. Zhuge Shenhou put Wang Shangshu into the jail, followed him into the jail and taught Wang Shangshu, and was dismissed and investigated by six doors. However, a few days later, Wang Shangshu was murdered in the jail, and the clues he had found were broken.

Episode 17 Poison Hunting
Follow-up tracking found that Hibiscus undercover interviewing the five drug cults had been discovered by bamboo peach. Bamboo peach poisoning in tea water intends to poison Hibiscus. Unexpectedly, he accidentally hit and drank poison tea. Although he escaped the death and death with his deep internal force, he lost his memory and became dementia. The white wolf was killed because of his righteous father, and he was angry with the iron hand and cut off his robe. Definitely impossible, the White Wolf finally accidentally fell into the throne, and was poisoned by the Associate Leader Supreme Treasure. Since then, Supreme Treasure has become the God of Nine Doors.

Episode 18 Second Detective Girl
The White Wolf, the leader of the Tianjiu Gate, was killed, and the iron hand mistakenly believed that it was done by people alone. Supreme Treasure took off the white wolf’s head, and exchanged with Duguyiren for the poisonous secretion of the five poisons. Duguyi knows that Supreme Treasure wants to get five poisons and kill the martial arts, and will never let it succeed. After the death of Shang Shu, General Ma Zhaoming took over the post of Shang Shu. The second expedition of Furong Wang Dujiao learned that the dementia that caused death was caused by poisoning. Dugu Yiren thought of iron hands, not only let away Hibiscus, but also gave her the life-saving Jiedu Pill, who knew that Furong was secretly imprisoned by Zhu Tao.

Episode 19 Lovers Meet
The iron hand broke into the Five Poison Doctrine, interviewed Duguyiren, and traced the killing of court officials and the White Wolf. The next day, Duguyi met with the iron hand in accordance with the covenant, and the key person to verify the murder case was unknown to Duguyi. Cold blooded by the ruthless order of the elder brother, he went to the teahouse to bring Duguyiren back to six doors for investigation. At the same time, Supreme Treasure brought Tianjiujiao masters to attack Wuduo, stealing the secret of Wudu. In order to retrieve Furong, the iron hand helped chase his life and detoxify, and let go of Duguyi without permission.

Episode 20 Ambitions Revealed
Iron Hand and Unstoppable, finally fell in love. They analyzed the killings of seven officials, and felt that Ma Zhaoming must be inconsistent. They decided to investigate together to clear the grievances. However, Iron Hand and Yiren at this time are already the rewards of six doors. Ma Zhaoming led his soldiers to Liumen to announce the revocation of the commander-in-chief of Zhuge Shenhou, who was temporarily under the control of the Ministry of Defense.

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