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Synopsis By Gun 借枪

Synopsis By Gun
Other Title: Synopsis By Gun / 借枪

Genres: Spy war drama
30 episodes
Jiang Wei
Lin Lisheng
Release Date:
March 3, 2011
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  • Chia Translation as Bears wide sea
  • Luo Haiqiong as Pei Yanling
  • Yan C Yan as Mrs. Bear (Zhou Shu true)
  • Zhang Zijian as Anderson
  • Li Naiwen as Yang Xiaoju

“Through the gun” by the “potential” to create the original cast, tells the bear, played byZhang Jia translation of the Japanese commander of the gendarmerie Kato wide seastory of the assassination. May 30, 1939, lurking in the French Concession Committee of the CPC Tianjin City Bear Hedo intelligence agents look for a job in the Mathesonwide collapse of the sea, bears on the wide sea of economic trouble. Bears wide emptypockets to find higher sea adventure Kato old Gu been found that the cover bears the old Gu wide sea was killed.

Later, the organization sent the old bear on the contactwidth on the sea, looking for him by the gun, Kato, to get rid of all kinds of evil. Lent width of the gun bears the old in the sea, but the assassination of Kato’s actions have failed.Bears wide sea secretly sold a small house, buy a very valuable information, Jidongnoted in their intelligence to root tree punched a big victory. Old and new in theassassination plan of action Kato, wide sea bear made the request by the gun, but theassassination failed, again, the dragon to his death at the cost of Division, to get rid ofparticularly high in the village.

Kato force hiding in the Peking to show up in the paperbears on the wide open sea people down the gauntlet, but the wide sea of Katoconfused bear his wife and daughter caught up, threatening the Bears wide seasurrender. Week book really rather die than surrender his wife (played Yan Yan C) the expense, bear wide sea strengthened the confidence of the assassination of Kato, butKato escape, on the train to Shanghai, the Bears wide sea also arrested. Finally, in the train station, bears the same wide sea magic pistol, killing Kato.

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