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A Fine Day in Your Life

A Fine Day in Your Life
Other Title: 生命中的好日子, Sheng Ming Zhong De Hao Ri Zi, A Fine Day in Your Life

Genres: Drama, Period
Dong Ya Chun (董亚春)
 Yang Jun (杨骏), Tian Tian (田甜)
 LeTV, PPTV, CNTV, Tudou, Youku, iQiYi, Sohu
Release Date: 
March 7, 2016
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  • Huang Zhi Zhong as Han Mochi
  • Wu Yue as Rou Jia
  • Ma Jing as Zhong Sicun
  • Cheng Yu as Han Bingxian, the mayor
  • Yue Hong as Chen Aihua, Han Bingxian’s wife
  • Yang Kun as Liu Chunhong, Han Bingxian’s secretary
  • Wang Jia as Han Jingran
  • Hao Bo Jie as Dan Chengshuang
  • Gao Yi Wei as Hu Yong
  • Li Yue as Chen Qin
  • Liu Xiao Ning (刘小宁) as Li Shaotang, Zhong Sicun’s adopted father
  • Tan Kai as Jiang Tiannan
  • Zheng Hao as Zhong Cheng, Zhong Sicun’s older brother
  • Zhang Xin Rong (张新荣) as Aunt Ding
  • Dong Quan Fu (董全福) as Zhong Sicun’s father
  • Li Zhi Ping (李智萍) as Zhong Sicun’s mother

In 1977, Han Bingxianping repeatedly served as deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor. The eldest son Mochi lost his left leg to save the girl. The mother of Mochi, Chen Aihua, is anxious to find a wife for Mochi, and Liu Chunhong, secretary of the Mayor of Han, facilitates the marriage between Zhong Sicun and Mochi. After learning about it, Rou Jia, who had been with Mochi’s childhood sweetheart, hurriedly married worker Hu Yong.

In 1977, Mochi missed the college entrance examination due to a disability. Si Cun and Mo Chi’s sister Jingran successfully entered the university. Roujia gave birth to a daughter and got rid of a loveless marriage. Jing Ran and the Korean driver Xiao Shan had a long-term relationship. They eloped to Shenzhen because their parents opposed.

After testing, the relationship between Sicun and Mochi became stable and became pregnant. His biological father, Li Shaotang, returned to China to reveal the true identity of Sicun and bring out the grievances between the Han and Li family. Si Cun traveled to the United States, Mochi went south to Shenzhen to start a business. The company of Roujia Shenzhen did not win the love of Mochi. Si Cun returned to Shenzhen. Mochi found that Si Cun did not destroy the child. edge. Repentance and forgiveness, the Han and Li family finally gathered together.

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