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A Detective Housewife 煮妇神探 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Zheng brought Ding Dali to the hotel, and Mao Ruyi held the sewer pipe in a hurry, and was about to slip downstairs, but Zhang Zheng caught him. Through the reproduction of the scene, Mao Ruyi discovered that killing the bloody handprints on the vase of Silent Chu was not Gou Jixiang at all after a laboratory comparison. Gou Jixiang was able to clear the suspicion. Although Mao Ruyi had done meritorious service, he was still punished by Zhang Zheng for violating discipline.

A hundred push-ups. Gou Jixiang returned home from the police station. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law still believed that she was the murderer who killed Mo Chu. Gou Jixiang couldn’t explain the pornographic photos published in the newspaper, so he had to carry his luggage and left the family’s home where he had lived for more than ten years. . Gou Jixiang, who had nowhere to go, had to return to the martial arts gym temporarily, and was warmly welcomed by the younger sister Li Yafei.

The master and the brothers and sisters turned a deaf ear to things outside the window, and they did not know about the murder of Gou Jixiang’s husband. Gou Jixiang told Master and Junior Sister of her misfortune about her misfortune. She vowed to find out the murderer of her husband. Under the inspiration of Junior Sister, she wanted to apply for the inspection room. The patrol room was crowded with men who came to sign up.

Gou Jixiang came to sign up with a basket of tea eggs. She begged Zhang Zheng seriously because there had never been female patrols in the patrol room, which made Zhang Zheng very embarrassed, but he finally agreed. Let Jixiang and the men outside the door take the exam together. If he passes the exam, he can make an exception to recruit Jixiang into his team. Mao Ruyi has never had a good impression of Jixiang. He and Ding Dali came to the exam site, trying to trick Jixiang to ensure that Jixiang was eliminated.

The first test is the “maze test”. Gou Jixiang and the others have to go through the forest like the maze. The first three who reach the end first win, and the last three are eliminated directly. Jixiang travels all the way, never losing his way, secretly. Observing Mao Ruyi found that she smelled by her nose, because there was a camphor tree near the end, he and Ding Dali got some stinky socks, which destroyed the auspicious sense of smell.

Gou Jixiang, who had lost his sense of smell, continued to move in the direction of the flying bird, and was quickly seen by Mao Ruyi. It turned out that camphor trees are especially suitable for birds to make nests. Mao Ruyi secretly made a trip to use a rope to trip Gou Jixiang, and Gou Jixiang used his strength. With a pull, the two rolled together, tied up firmly by the rope, and their lips were still pressed together. At the end of the first test, although there were some minor problems, Gou Jixiang passed smoothly.

Mao Ruyi, who refused to give up, decided to continue his efforts. He secretly inquired that the second test was conducted in the morgue and went inside before the test. Tried a lot. The second test is a test of courage and observation. The team members have to observe the corpse in the morgue to find out the cause of death. Before the early morning of the next day, the team members who walk out of the morgue will be deemed to have given up their qualifications for the exam. Mao Ruyi and Ding Dali both pretended to be dead and successfully scared away.

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