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A Detective Housewife 煮妇神探 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the silence, Gou Jixiang was concealed, and he had a date with the social flower Zhang Su in the hotel room 209. Mao Ruyi received the news and checked in the hotel room 206. At the same time, Gou Jixiang was also implied by the note. When she arrived at the hotel, she met Silent Chu who came downstairs to ask for something. She chased him all the way to the second floor, but broke into the room where Mao Ruyi was. After a fight, Gou Jixiang hit Mao Ruyi by mistake. Several reporters broke in immediately, and they shot them randomly. Gou Jixiang was fleeing home in embarrassment. The more she thought about the wrong things, she returned to the hotel to check.

In the darkness, she tripped and broke her head, but she turned around and found that Silence was killed by someone and lying on the ground. . The patrol room went to the hotel to investigate. Zhang Zheng was very surprised to see Gou Jixiang, but Gou Jixiang did not respond at all. She was immersed in the grief of losing her husband. Gou Jixiang became the biggest suspect. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law also pointed out that Gou Jixiang was the murderer. Zhang Zheng went to the prison to visit Jixiang.

It turned out that the two were classmates, but Gou Jixiang no longer remembered him. Zhang Zheng assured Jixiang, Will find the real murderer and give them an explanation. Investigations by Zhang Zheng, Mao Ruyi and others found that Silent Chu had an affair with Zhang Su. Mao Ruyi and Ding Dali rushed to Zhang Su’s rented place, only to find that Zhang Su had fled. This confirmed the speculation that Zhang Su was absconding in fear of crime.

After Zhang Su absconded, the last clue was Zhang Su’s lover Guo Hao, but Guo Hao was found immediately and died in an abandoned warehouse. Just as Zhang Zheng and Mao Ruyi sighed, Zhang Zheng found Guo Hao Hao is not dead, he is still angry. The patrol room released information saying that Guo Hao’s operation was successful and would soon be awakened. As expected, the suspect went to the hospital to be assassinated under the disguise of a doctor. Under the secret of Zhang Zheng and Mao Ruyi, the murderer Boss Fu was caught on the spot.

Zhang Zheng transferred the Silent Chu case to Mao Ruyi for investigation. Mao Ruyi was full of fighting spirit and confident that Zhang Zheng’s record of solving the case would be broken. Inspector General Frank put pressure on Zhang Zheng to end the silent case as soon as possible. He delineated Gou Jixiang as the murderer and wanted her to be executed immediately. Zhang Zheng firmly disagreed. Frank ordered him to solve the case within 24 hours. Mao Ruyi wanted to bring Gou Jixiang back to the scene of the crime to investigate.

Zhang Zheng was not allowed to do so unless specifically approved by the Chief Inspector. Mao Ruyi did not want to rely on his father. In a hurry, he thought of a bad idea. The mother of Gou Jixiang succeeded in swapping Gou Jixiang from the prison. Mao Ruyi brought Gou Jixiang to the hotel where the crime occurred. He wanted to repeat the case. Ding Dali dressed up as auspicious and sat in the prison as a stand-in. Zhang Zheng came to the prison and asked Jixiang to recall the details of the crime. Ding Dali was frightened. I dare not come out.

The case of Mao Ruyi and Gou Xiang repeats itself, no There was a little progress. Mao Ruyi wanted Jixiang to regard herself as the beginning of silence, but no matter how she scolded Jixiang at the beginning of silence, she was still not angry, and Mao Ruyi finally ran wild with anger. Zhang Zheng discovered the auspiciousness of Jixiang. He dragged Ding Dali and asked Ding Dali where Jixiang was going.

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