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Chinese Style Divorce 中国式离婚 Episode 6 – 10 Recap

Episode 6
Doctor Lin Xiaofeng wants to divorce Song Jianping. Lin’s mother persuaded Lin Xiaofeng to ask about the situation before making a decision, but Lin Xiaofeng said that her decision to divorce was not entirely because of the coat. There is only one place for senior titles in the courtyard. Song Jianping and Xiao Li got the same votes, but Song Jianping lost because of “ladies first.” Song Jianping made up his mind to work in the joint venture hospital where Juanzi was located.

Episode 7
However, Lin Xiaofeng went from bad to worse. She was overworked and unwell. As a result, she lost the opportunity to evaluate the job title by one point. Song Jianping and Lin Xiaofeng met Xiao Li in the corridor, and Xiao Li’s youthful vigor eclipsed Lin Xiaofeng. Song Jianping casually praised Xiao Li, and Lin Xiaofeng felt very uncomfortable.

Episode 8
At the wedding of Liu Dongbei and Juanzi, Song Jianping was overwhelmed with alcohol, danced with Xiao Li in his arms, and kissed Xiao Li in public. Everyone mistakenly believed that Xiao Li was Mrs. Song. Song Jianping was busy with work, and all family burdens fell on Lin Xiaofeng’s shoulders. Lin Xiaofeng resigned reluctantly, but Song Jianping became the vice president of the joint venture hospital.

Episode 9
At the class reunion, Lin Xiaofeng became the protagonist. She was full of emotions, and she was truly a husband and wife! Song Jianping is going on a business trip and is traveling with a female colleague. Lin Xiaofeng was worried, and went to the airport to see Song Jianping off.

Episode 10
Lin Xiaofeng suspected that Song Jianping had an affair, and confided to Xiao Li that she wanted to go to the hospital to ask Song Jianping to understand. Juanzi sent a ridiculous text message to Song Jianping, and Lin Xiaofeng dialed back according to the number. She was even more suspicious when she heard Juanzi’s voice. Lin Xiaofeng interrogated Song Jianping, and the two quarreled all night. Lin Xiaofeng called Juanzi to meet.

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