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Chinese Style Divorce 中国式离婚 Episode 2 – 5 Recap

Episode 2

The hospital recommended Song Jianping to participate in the international academic seminar, but the place was taken away by Song Jianping’s leader, Deputy Director Zhang, and Song Jianping was very uneasy. The hospital decided to let Song Jianping go abroad, and Song Jianping gave up the idea of ​​going to a joint venture hospital. Lin Xiaofeng was displeased and went back to her family’s house in anger.

Episode 3
Father Lin received the call and learned that Lin Xiaofeng’s “aunt”, who was actually Lin Xiaofeng’s biological mother, was sick and hospitalized. He wanted to take Lin Xiaofeng to visit. Lin Xiaofeng didn’t know the truth and didn’t want to go. Lin’s mother was sensible and helped Lin’s father with work.

Episode 4
Deputy Director Zhang Gao Sheng, Song Jianping was unwilling to drink a few more drinks and fell drunk on the side of the road, his mobile phone was stolen. The Public Security Bureau called Lin Xiaofeng to pick up people. Xiao Li enthusiastically helped and drove to pick Song Jianping. Liu Dongbei came to Song Jianping and said that a big money was looking for someone to perform an operation at a cost of $30,000. Unexpectedly, Da Kuan wanted to choose one from many experts, and Song Jianping was left out and was very angry.

Episode 5
Song Jianping was hospitalized. Xiao Li helped clean up the Song’s house, but accidentally dropped her coat. Lin Xiaofeng came back from a business trip to see the coat, suspicious suddenly. Song Jianping took the coat and went to Xiao Li. Xiao Li realized that she had caused the misunderstanding between the Song family and his wife, and felt very guilty.

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