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Chinese Style Divorce 中国式离婚 Episode 11 – 15 Recap

Episode 11
Juanzi’s frankness allowed Lin Xiaofeng to dispel his doubts, but Lin Xiaofeng vaguely felt that Mrs. Song in Juanzi’s heart was not herself. Juanzi gave Lin Xiaofeng an idea and encouraged her to buy sexy underwear. Song Jianping returned home, facing Lin Xiaofeng’s sudden enthusiasm, somewhat inexplicable. Lin Xiaofeng put on sexy underwear, Song Jianping remained indifferent, Lin Xiaofeng was even more suspicious that he had an affair. Song Jianping had to use sexual dysfunction as an excuse. Lin Xiaofeng asked Song Jianping to go to the hospital she designated for an examination.

Episode 12
Juanzi is pregnant, Liu Dongbei picks up and escorts, and is prepared to arrive. Lin Xiaofeng ran into Xiao Li in the corridor. The two talked about Song Jianping’s “illness”, and Xiao Li enthusiastically sent Lin Xiaofeng home remedies. Juanzi returned to his hometown to recuperate, and Liu Dongbei took the opportunity to have an affair with other women. Juanzi went home and found a piece of hair. Liu Dongbei fiddled with it with witty words, and Juanzi actually believed it.

Episode 13
When Juanzi returned home, she was heartbroken to see Liu Dongbei and his lover having a tryst. Lin Xiaofeng and Song Jianping went home and saw Juanzi sitting on the stairs. Lin Xiaofeng let her stay. Liu Dongbei came to find Juanzi, and Song Jianping angrily denounced Liu Dongbei’s infidelity. Liu Dongbei came to the hospital to wait for Juanzi to get off work, and forcibly took Juanzi back home. Juanzi seemed to have matured a lot overnight.

Episode 14
Juanzi knocked out the child in her belly and went back to her hometown. Liu Dongbei went to the bar to get drunk and took the call girl home. When Juanzi came back from her hometown, she accidentally saw a torn red silk stocking. She understood everything. Lin Xiaofeng accidentally saw the photos of Liu Dongbei’s wedding, and finally understood that the “Mrs. Song” attending the wedding was Xiao Li. Facing the extremely angry Lin Xiaofeng, Liu Dongbei and Juanzi did not know how to explain. Lin Xiaofeng took the washed photos to find Xiao Li, who swept the ground in the public.

Episode 15
Song Jianping returned home, quarreled with Lin Xiaofeng all night, and Dangdang hid in the bedroom and cried secretly. Next door, Xiao Li also hugged Niuniu and cried aggrievedly, but Xiao Li understood that she must face the helplessness and unhappiness in her life. Lin Xiaofeng took Song Jianping’s sexual dysfunction certificate to the hospital and finally understood that Song Jianping’s obstacle was psychological. The hospital is about to hold an annual meeting. Lin Xiaofeng went to the hospital to find Song Jianping. He ran into Juanzi at the entrance of the hospital and was seen by Liu Dongbei who came to pick up Juanzi. Lin Xiaofeng arrived at the party hall, and finally did not go in in the face of Song Jianping’s apology.

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