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Chinese Style Divorce 中国式离婚 Episode 1 Recap

Song Jianping is a hepatobiliary surgeon in a state-run hospital, a knife in the city. Lin Xiaofeng is an elementary school teacher and Song Jianping’s wife. She is not satisfied with the current situation of the family’s life and wants Song Jianping to go to the joint venture hospital to develop. Song Jianping and her colleague Xiao Li are neighbors. Xiao Li’s husband had an affair. She divorced and lived with her daughter Niuniu alone. Lin Xiaofeng’s younger brother Lin Xiaojun came back to visit relatives and saw someone beating his wife.

He took action to stop him. Song Jianping’s son Dangdang admired Lin Xiaojun very much. Song Jianping’s friend Liu Dongbei had a car accident, and Song Jianping personally took charge of the accident. Liu Dongbei’s new girlfriend Juanzi visited the hospital, and Song Jianping advised Liu Dongbei to take his feelings seriously. Lin Xiaofeng attended a classmate gathering. A female classmate who did not study well and did not look as good as her back then received the attention and care of many boys present, because the husband of that classmate was a powerful official. Lin Xiaofeng was deeply excited and went home to have a big fight with Song Jianping. Song Jianping slammed the door and broke out, but he accidentally squeezed Lin Xiaofeng’s hand.

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