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Agreement 约定 Episode 1-5 End Recap

Promise Episode 1

Xiaole, a white-collar worker in a company, was watching a motorcycle race with a strong competition on his mobile phone in a taxi. The scene was very intense. Flammable also cheered for Haoqiang at the game. Suddenly Xiao Le yelled: “Don’t…Don’t…” He saw blood on the phone screen and Haoqiang fell to the ground.

Promise Episode 2

Xiaole, Haoqiang, and Flammable are very good friends. On Haoqiang’s birthday, the three of them went to Xiaole’s house together to celebrate Haoqiang’s birthday. The three were talking and laughing, and there was a lively scene in the kitchen. Unexpectedly, there was a scream… The flammable fingers on the chopping board, bleeding out.

Promise Episode 3

The coach decided to send Haoqiang to participate in the game. Xiaole asked the coach if the flammable loss was because of his injury. The coach did not answer. Haoqiang also believes that the flammable loss is related to his injury, but the coach affirmed Haoqiang and Haoqiang is confident. Xiaole still uses his mobile phone to watch the game. The competition between Haoqiang and the yellow-clothed man is fierce. When the corner crosses, Xiaole’s mobile phone falls to the ground.

Promise Episode 4

The phone screen lit up, “A motorcycle fell on the side of the track, and flames rose.” The newscaster reported the tragedy with excitement. Xiao Le rushed to the hospital and was very sad to see Haoqiang wrapped in gauze. The team is still training, preparing for the next race, Flammable thought: “The champion is ours.”

Promise Episode 5

Inflammable and injured, he competes with the yellow-clothed man. Xiao Le accompanied Haoqiang to watch the game together in the hospital. Flammable called and expressed his love to Xiao Le. Flammable won the game, Haoqiang was happy for him, and at the same time entrusted Xiaole to Flammable.

The end.

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