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2030 Kanata no Kazoku (2015) 2030かなたの家族

2030 Kanata no Kazoku
Other Title: 2030かなたの家族, 2030 Kanata no Kazoku

Genres: Drama, family, sci-fi
Kasaura Tomochika
Inoue Yumiko
Release Date: 
Sep 26, 2015
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  • Eita as Itakura Kakeru
  • Renbutsu Misako as Itakura Emii
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Itakura Toru
  • Kobayashi Satomi as Itakura Keiko
  • Yamamoto Gaku as Itakura Katsuzo
  • Watanabe Misako as Itakura Satoko

2030, Tokyo. Itakura Kakeru, who lives in a share house, is suddenly asked by his older sharemate, Misae, who has moved to a rural area, to help him make children. Kakeru had never thought about having a family before, but while searching for an answer to Misae, he faced each of his parents, grandparents, and sister who had fallen apart 15 years ago, and what is a “family”? Start thinking. And what is the conclusion that Kakeru made when he first thought about the meaning of connecting with someone?

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