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11 Nin mo Iru! (2011) 11人もいる!

11 Nin mo Iru!
Other Title: 11人もいる!, 11 Nin mo Iru!, Odd Family 11

Genres: Comedy, home drama
Katayama Osamu, Karaki Akihiro
Kudo Kankuro
TV Asahi
Release Date: 
Oct 11, 2011
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  • Kamiki Ryunosuke as Sanada Kazuo
  • Miyagi Yoshiaki as young Kazuo (ep1,4,7)
  • Tonooka Shouichirou (殿岡祥一郎) as infant Kazuo (ep1)
  • Tanabe Seiichi as Sanada Minoru
  • Mitsuura Yasuko as Sanada Megumi
  • Arimura Kasumi as Sanada Niko
  • Chiba Honoka (千葉ほのか) as young Niko (ep1,7)
  • Kanai Miki as Sanada Mitsuko
  • Hatakeyama Tsumugi as young Mitsuko (ep1,7)
  • Hiraoka Takuma as Sanada Shiro
  • Nakamura Shin (中村晋) as young Shiro (ep1,7)
  • Akaishi Nana (赤石那奈) as Sanada Satsuki
  • Takei Ryona (武井涼奈) as young Satsuki (ep1,7)
  • Mitsuda Koharu (光田小春) as infant Satsuki (ep7)
  • Fukushima Hokuto (福島北斗) as Sanada Rokusuke
  • Taniguchi Eitaro (谷口英太郎) as infant Rokusuke (ep7)
  • Fukushima Kaito (福島海斗) as Sanada Nanao
  • Taniguchi Yutaro (谷口雄太郎) as infant Nanao (ep7)

A family consisting of a jobless father, a domestic mother, and eight children with different personalities. As the title suggests, the family also has a mysterious “11th member.”

Kamiki plays the eldest son Kazuo, a high school student who helps support the family through part time jobs serving at a gas station and doing newspaper delivery. He clashes with his father (Tanabe Seiichi), an artsy photographer with no real earning power. Mitsuura Yasuko plays the part of an obedient wife, while Kato Seishiro plays the shy youngest child who can see a ghost (the “11th member”) but doesn’t tell the rest of the family. –Tokyograph

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