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Sweet Palpitations 두근두근 달콤 Episode 5 Recap

Coffee spilled on Dohyeong’s clothes. Dohyeong asked her what to do. Min-joo helped him wipe his clothes. Dohyeong blew a whistle to remind her of Jihun. She was stunned and told him not to blow anymore. . Min-joo wondered why he played that song, Chang-ho came to her, and the two of them hugged and left and were seen by Daoxing.

Min-joo’s father saw a driver not driving, and then left angrily. Min-joo’s father came over and saw that Daoxing’s father had a heart attack. He helped him take out medicine for him to take, and then he massaged him. , He let Minzhu’s father drive and said he would pay him.

Min Joo’s uncle Dexiu fought for the money and gave it to Min Joo’s mother. She asked him to find his mother, but he didn’t, saying that his sister was like a mother. When Meng Meng came back, Dexiu came to pick her up. Minister Wu and Minzhu were eating when they saw Daoxing. Minister Wu called Daoxing. Minzhu ignored him and drank. She began to scold Daoxing. , Saying that he looks like a prostitute, Daoxing came out.

They took Minzhu to Changhao’s car, Changhao took her home, Daoxing asked Minister Wu what their relationship was. Chang-ho sent Min-joo to the house. Min-joo saw the medicine when she drank water and asked her mother what was going on. Her mother hoped that she would get married soon. Min-joo was very angry after hearing what she said. They discussed it in front of Chang-ho This matter.

Chang-ho was very angry while driving. He remembered the past. On Min Joo’s birthday, he gave her a card as a gift. He wanted to give Min Joo flowers. Min Joo saw that the person next to him gave flowers. The vulgar way of marriage proposal, and said that the cafe is too expensive. They came out together to wait for the bus, but Chang Hao’s flowers still didn’t go out. When they went on a trip, Min Joo and Ki Hoon were together. He decided not to hesitate anymore, or was robbed again.

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