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36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin (2006) 南少林 三十六房

36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin
Other Title: 南少林 三十六房, Nan Shao Lin San Shi Liu Fang

Genres: Wuxia, romance, comedy
Yuen Cheung Yan (袁祥仁)
Xu Da Chu (徐达初), Guo Jun Li (郭俊立), Zhu Ke Xin (朱可欣)
Release Date: 
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  • Jacky Wu as Fang Si Yu 方世玉
  • Anita Yuen as Lu Si Nian 吕四娘
  • Chun Yu Shan Shan (淳于珊珊) as Yun Ming 云明
  • Zhang Tie Lin as Yong Zheng 雍正
  • Li Nan as Hong Li 弘曆 / Emperor Qian Long 乾隆
  • Yuen Cheung Yan (袁祥仁) as Cao Tai Xu 曹太虚
  • Gao Fa Ming (高发铭) as Yi Er Gen 伊尔根
  • Fang Ye (方野) as Fu Hu 伏虎
  • Song Yan (宋妍) as Zhou Ling 卓灵
  • Jin Song (晋松) as San De 三德
  • Chen Kai (陈凯) as Bai Tai Guan 白泰官
  • Zhong Ming He (钟明和) as Pu Zhao 普照

The story begins in the Old Summer Palace . In the middle of the night, under the cover of an imperial physician , a court lady sneaked an attack on the palace of Yongzheng, causing Yongzheng to die violently. Her head was lost and she was buried with a golden head instead. Qianlong succeeded to the throne and immediately pursued secretly the assassins of Yongzheng. After several searches, Lu Siniang, the only survivor of the Lv Liuliang family, the biggest victim of the Literary Prison in the Yongzheng period, is believed to be the one who cut off the head of Yongzheng. (After escaping from the literary prison case, Lu Siniang was accepted as a martial arts apprentice by the famous one-armed god Ni in the rivers and lakes. When he grew up, he was very capable of gaining it.) Qianlong strictly ordered the “Yongzheng no head case” not to leak any wind and secretly ordered the four major inner courts. The guard went south to hunt down Lu Siniang. The leader is the first-class guard Irgen.

Lu Siniang was walking with the imperial physician Cao Taixu in a small town in the south, practicing medicine and art. When Yongzheng admired the art of gold and stone in his later years, Cao Taixu was one of the alchemists beside the emperor. Qianlong was determined to win the case, and sent a special envoy to the Southern Shaolin with a whip and whip, asking the Southern Shaolin to secretly investigate the whereabouts of Lu Siniang and Cao Taixu, and recover the head of Yongzheng. The envoy found the old master Xuantong of Southern Shaolin , and handed him the dragon card bestowed by the emperor, and acted on the dragon card without error.

At this time, the Southern Shaolin Temple is in full swing preparing for a campaign hosted by the 36th Room. This campaign is of extraordinary significance: whoever becomes the host of the 36th Room will become the No. 1 in Southern Shaolin martial arts, that is, half of the Chinese martial arts. . Everyone in the temple understood that Fang Shiyu and Yunming were the most powerful.

The special envoy suggested that whoever becomes the winner in the end can be arrested with a dragon card. But Xuantong understood that according to the rules of the match, Shiyu and Yunming would have one death and one injury in the final duel, and would also delay the holy life. Xuantong categorically announced that the two players competed in the 72-style Nanquan until the end, whoever wins can perform the tasks assigned by the court with the dragon card. Yunming knew that martial arts was a little bit inferior to Shiyu, and wanted to frame Shiyu in the final competition in order to win the chair. Faced with a sudden change, he pushed the boat along the way and simply lost to Shiyu in the competition. He even wanted to take this opportunity to kill Shiyu during Shiyu’s pursuit of Lu Siniang’s whereabouts, and plant the money on Lu Siniang. In this way, he can sit firmly in the chair of the thirty-six room.

Fong Sai Yuk invited two old friends – “Wild Old thousand” Zhuo Ling and “Thief” Zhao Dahong (Speaking of big macro dead in this first part, but Shi Yu et al found that the coffin was empty, Acer death Resurrection. It is suspected that Monk Sande rescued Dahong) and embarked on the journey together. Shiyu’s mentor and the founder of the 36th Chamber, San De monk, had long been expelled from Southern Shaolin. After learning that Shiyu had accepted the mission assigned by the court, he quietly followed Shiyu and his party and secretly helped.

Wen Rongyu, the prefect of Quanzhou, nicknamed “Jade Tiger”, colluded with Yunming and wanted to harm Fang Shiyu on the way. It turned out that both he and Yun Ming knew one of Shiyu’s secrets, which was a “treasure map” stabbed on his back. During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, Japanese pirates planted a number of treasures on the back mountain of the South Shaolin Temple, which were of great value. The Sande monk who was aware of this engraved the treasure map on Shiyu’s back without leaving any copy. Therefore, if Shiyu is killed, Yunming will be the presiding officer, and Jade Tiger will be able to pick up treasures with a human skin map. For things that will kill two birds with one stone, only the team has the greatest chance of winning.

Yunming and Yuhuo wanted to start with close friends around Shiyu, so they wanted to buy Zhuoling and Zhao Dahong. Zhuo Ling and Zhao Dahong knew the treasure map, but they concealed the facts from Shiyu, who didn’t know the inside story, and made up their own calculations: Why don’t you keep the good things?

On the other hand, the main purpose of the three virtues following Shiyu this time is to protect the treasure map from the hands of others-in fact, he was not really expelled from Shaolin, but was arranged by Master Xuantong to be outside the temple outside Yingnan. Shaolin, and protect these treasures. Shiyu dressed up all the way, and Zhuo Ling and Zhao Dahong searched for Lu Siniang’s whereabouts, and finally discovered the whereabouts of Lu Siniang and Cao Taixu with the help of Sande. Lu Siniang fought against Shiyu several times, and was conquered by Shiyu’s world-famous temperament. Shiyu also had a good impression of Lu Siniang and analyzed with Zhuo Ling that Lu Siniang might be framed. Zhuo Ling was jealous when seeing Shiyu favoring female killers.

Almost at the same time, the four guards headed by Irgen also found Lu Siniang. He was surprised to find that the Southern Shaolin disciples were also involved in this matter, and found that Shiyu had a dragon card bestowed by the emperor in his hand, making him unable to start. At this moment, he also realized that the emperor had long reserved one hand: let their four guards and the Southern Shaolin monk go in and out, trace the heads, and return by different paths. Therefore, Irgen was afraid that Shiyu would grab his head, and he wanted to kill Shiyu at the same time while pursuing Lu Siniang, so that he could do it alone. But he never expected that when Fang Shiyu was about to die, Lu Siniang saved Shiyu’s life at a critical moment.

Yunming and Yuhuo also tracked the treasure map so far. Zhao Dahong and Zhuo Ling fight with Yunming and Yuhuo. Their purpose is to protect Shiyu and hide their ambitions for those treasures, so they are tired, troublesome and happy. The thief Zhao Dahong was almost framed and poisoned by Yunming. After being unconscious, Zhuo Ling was pushed off the cliff by Yun Ming to save Dahong. (Is missing, maybe still alive…)

During the quarrel, Qianlong made his first southern tour to Haining. He came precisely for the Yongzheng headless case. He knew Lu Siniang’s ability. In order to solve the case faster, he summoned Shiyu and Irgen respectively, and gave a heavy reward, promising that if anyone completes the task, he will receive the official positions of Golden Wanliang and hereditary fourth rank.

Lu Siniang and Cao Taixu also rushed to Haining to assassinate Qianlong, but eventually failed because of Qianlong’s high martial arts. Cao Taixu died and Lu Siniang was injured and fled. Shiyu also secretly covered Lu Siniang and blocked the guards who were chasing after him. Shiyu healed Siniang again and fell in love with Siniang who saved his life.

This incident was quickly discovered by the keen Irgen and reported to the emperor. Qianlong was furious, and ordered the governor of Fujian and Zhejiang to arrest the two with all his strength. Shiyu had to leave her good friend and fled with Lu Siniang. In the process of fleeing, Lu Siniang told Shiyu the causes and consequences of his assassination of Yongzheng. Shiyu asked her to consider the importance of peace in the country and the people’s peace and stability, and persuaded her to surrender. Lu Siniang didn’t listen to Shiyu’s advice, and the two of them had conflicts. They quarreled and fled while awkward.

On the way to share adversity, Lu Siniang fell in love with Shiyu incorrigibly… In the end, Siniang declared that he only surrendered to the court for Shiyu’s safety. But after being taken into custody by Qianlong, Lu Siniang learned that the emperor did not keep his promise to let Shiyu go, and instead took Shiyu to prison. Lu Siniang was furious, escaped from prison and robbed him to save Shiyu. The two agreed to go to Guangdong together.

Qianlong was very angry about this, and asked the Shangnan Shaolin Xingshi to inquire about the crime. If he couldn’t catch the two within the limited time, he would take the first level of Xuantong. Yun Ming, who had repeatedly failed to kill Shiyu in the air, took this opportunity and simply imprisoned Xuan Tong, pretending to be the presiding officer of South Shaolin, and handed Xuan Tong to the emperor. The emperor did not expect that the Southern Shaolin would make this inward bar, and doubted what Yunming did.

After Xuantong’s explanation, Qianlong figured out the ins and outs of the matter. He ordered the restoration of Xuantong’s presiding position, but still said that if the case is not settled and the two of Shiyu and Si Niang are not caught, Nan Shaolin will be destroyed! Yunming fled in a hurry, and went to find Shiyu hysterically desperately. The Sande monk was poisoned by Yunming’s hidden weapon while protecting Shiyu, and his life lasted only three days. Yunming was rescued and anxious Lu Siniang solved it on the spot and died.

Before the death of the three virtues, all the secrets and conspiracies were revealed to Shiyu. The sad and lost Shiyu complied with the master’s will and asked Lu Siniang to draw the treasure map and dedicated it to the emperor through Master Xuantong to save South Shaolin. At the same time, I handed a letter to Master Xuantong, stating that he would leave South Shaolin forever and go to live on the shores of the mountains, forests and sea in Guangdong with Lu Siniang.

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