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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 42 Recap

There was no one to take care of Han’s mother, and Han Chunyan went to the restaurant to eat food, but was blocked by Su Meng’s men. Han Chunyan was furious and taught Su Meng a lesson. It turns out that Cai Xiaoli’s so-called unidentified funds were all eaten and drunk by the eldest brother and sister of the Han family, and the second sister. Because the people of the Han family were laid off, Han Chunming refused to let them operate, but left the benefits to Su Meng.

Su Meng felt ashamed and ashamed, and found the real gap between herself and Han Chunming. She went to Chunming, but Chunming did not see her. Su Meng knew that it was not the ring that was thrown away, and that she had thrown away the heart that Han Chunming loved her. The only way to save all of this is to take the mother of Han to her house and have her own mother-in-law to serve the future, which completely moved Han Chunming.

Uncle Guan returned to the courtyard from Fangshan again. Knowing that his deadline was up, he called Han Chunming back and began to arrange funeral affairs. He hopes to see Han Chunming get married with Su Meng, drink the last glass of wine, and leave the world.

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