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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 41 Recap

New Beijing and New Olympics, Tea Piaoxiang (formerly Jin Changsheng) and Jiubai went to the restaurant involved demolition. At this time, Han Chunming was building an environmentally friendly building material factory in Fangshan, so he handed over the demolition of the two restaurants to his second sister Han Chunyan. To do it. Guan Xiaoguan’s parents listened to Mr. Guan’s words and sold the foreign restaurant to concentrate on returning to the country to run the liquor, and they just caught up with the demolition.

At the Cha Piaoxiang Restaurant, the Su family and the Hou family also felt that the demolition was a good thing and wanted to make a fortune. But their lease contract was signed by Han Chunming. In desperation, Han Chunming gave up Xidan’s restaurant “Gathering Friends” and returned to the building again, one for the Guan family and the other for the Su family. They gladly accepted , Picked up a big deal.

Cai Xiaoli remarried with Cheng Jianjun, and Cheng Jianjun was Han Chunming’s mortal enemy, so she couldn’t continue working in the restaurant. Moreover, Cheng Jianjun bought a restaurant for Cai Xiaoli. Su Meng and Cai Xiaoli handed over the restaurant and found that Cai Xiaoli had 200,000 unidentified hospitality expenses each year, and believed that she was embezzled.

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