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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 40 Recap

Cai Xiaoli did not agree with remarriage, but was dumbfounded by what her son said. Her son said: “You don’t remarry with my dad on the first day. I will learn to smoke. You will not remarry the next day. I will learn to gamble. I won’t remarry, I will learn to take drugs.” Cai Xiaoli knows her son too well, it is almost the same as Cheng Jianjun’s model. Cai Xiaoli was defeated and promised to remarry Cheng Jianjun.

Han Chunming and Po Lanhou also related that the uncle had a lot of evidence of Cheng Jianjun. Just before the last key piece of evidence, they learned that Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli had remarried, so they immediately went to work for Cai Xiaoli, but it was too late, and Cheng Jianjun gave out the final killer. , Showed Cai Xiaoli a pathology report that she was also suffering from liver cancer, and claimed to give her son a complete home in the last stage of life, Cai Xiaoli was completely defeated.

Han Chunming has no other way. Although he tried his best to prevent them from remarrying, his moral bottom line does not allow him to destroy the happiness of other people’s families. He beat Cheng Jianjun severely and recovered 40 million for Su Meng. When Su Meng vaguely knew that Cheng Jianjun had lied to her, she vowed to send Cheng Jianjun to court. But she didn’t have any evidence. She got angry for the first time in the courtyard and smashed the glass of Cheng Jianjun’s house.

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