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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 39 Recap

Uncle Su Meng asked Guan Xiaoguan’s parents to meet, and Guan Xiaoguan’s parents were glad that the antiques were still in their daughter’s hands. When Cheng Jianjun was packing up his things and leaving home, he met Han Chunming. Han Chunming questioned him about Su Meng’s collection of things that he set up. Cheng Jianjun pretended not to know that Li Yuejin was still in his bones. Cheng Jianjun was caught by Han Chunming when he wanted to leave for a business trip. The words are scared back again.

Guan Xiaoguan’s parents wanted to buy some collections of Uncle Su Meng, he agreed and the two parties agreed on a trading time. Su Meng was very disappointed. She didn’t agree with her uncle to sell those fakes. Su Meng didn’t want to do anything that would hurt the truth, so she had an argument with her uncle. Han Chunming wants to develop in the field of environmental protection. Once successful, the new materials he will study will quickly occupy the market and are still in the experimental stage. Li Yuan called Han Chunming to talk about Su Meng’s situation. He believed that he could handle his own affairs well.

When Han Chunming saw Uncle Guan, he was asked about the Geyao Bafang Cup. Han Chunming asked Li Yuejin to confess the broken Bafang Cup and the complete jade pot. Han Mu’s words reminded Han Chunming that Cheng Jianjun became a suspect of stealing things. . After Guan Xiaoguan’s parents disposed of their foreign assets, they prepared to settle in the country. Uncle Guan told them not to mention their collection of antiques in the future. Hou Su’e took away his own antiques at home. Uncle Su Meng asked about it and became a little angry, and the two broke up unhappy.

Han Chunming went to Cheng Jianjun’s house to find him. Cheng Jianjun dared not go out while hiding at home. Han Chunming asked him about the broken Hou’s black flower jade pot spring bottle. Cheng Jianjun denied it. Han Chunming was collecting his evidence and Cheng Jianjun gave Su Meng’s brother. The kiln Bafang Cup was copied after stealing those fragments. He was fortunate that Meng Xiaoxing did not report it.

Cheng Jianjun went to the hospital to get a physical examination report and learned that he had a malignant tumor in the liver. There is hope if he is treated earlier. Su Meng’s company was facing a crisis. She encountered difficulties when she asked Li Yuan to borrow money from Yang Huajian. After Han Chunming knew, she asked the accountant to write a check for 20 million to her. Su Meng was moved and cried. Yang Huajian and Mao Mapi approached Han Chunming to discuss cooperation on new environmentally friendly materials. The two invested 30 million yuan in investment and negotiated the cooperation after agreeing on the shares they ordered.

When Cheng Jianjun approached Cai Xiaoli to remarry, he was rejected, and Cai Xiaoli scolded him as shameless. Cheng Jianjun returned to his parents’ home and talked about his son also going home for dinner. He gave them the card and wanted them to go to Europe. Cheng’s mother felt ashamed to return to the former courtyard house. Cheng Jianjun admitted that he and Cai Xiaoli had done a wrong divorce. Tell his parents about the idea of ​​remarriage. Cheng Jianjun’s parents believe that the remarriage can be done. They want to use their grandson to force Cai Xiaoli to remarry. Han Chunming was entrusted by Su Meng’s mother to persuade Hou Su’e to return to Uncle Su Meng’s side, and Hou Su’e wanted Uncle Su Meng to admit her mistake in person.

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