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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 38 Recap

Cheng Jianjun asked for the relics left by Uncle Guan under the name of the Guan family’s commission. He claimed to know the whereabouts of those things. After that, Broken Hou and others also rushed to Han Chunming’s home. Cheng Jianjun took the initiative to give up his seat to him. Cheng Jianjun introduced Li Yuejin as his company Vice President Li Yuejin found the mystery in the kitchen of Uncle Guan’s house. Cheng Jianjun thought that those things were in Han Chunming’s museum. He asked for a past inspection. Han Chunming promised to take them to check. Su Meng saw Han Chunming from the side. Don’t want to talk to her.

After everyone left, Li Yuejin was beaten by Meng Xiaozao. Han Chunming led people to see the box taken out of the cracked wall of Uncle Guan’s house. Guan Xiaoguan witnessed for Han Chunming. Li Chengtao personally removed the seal. Cheng Jianjun was beaten when he wanted to leave. Han Chunming stopped. Han Chunming didn’t expect that the bigger he was, the less he was. Meng Xiaoxing slapped Cheng Jianjun. Li Chengtao insisted that all those things had been lost, and Guan Mu started making a noise. The dead Uncle Guan appeared in a wheelchair! The audience was shocked and thought it was a ghost.

Uncle Guan’s words made everyone cry. He said that his death was made by himself, and he wanted to see how his life was after his death, but he saw it. He saw his son and daughter-in-law who were disrespectful and disloyal. He saw the cultural relics of Su Meng’s uncle who had taken the country abroad. He saw his disciple, Han Chunming, who was not greedy for money, not for wealth, and sacrificed his noble character to protect the collection. He said that he once wrote a suicide note and was handed over to Han Chunming. After his death, all his inheritance was left to his disciples, never to his disrespectful son and daughter-in-law. But Han Chunming passed the inheritance to his granddaughter and helped his granddaughter carry the thunder.

Everyone present was shocked, but Su Meng was the most shocked. Uncle Guan’s words made Su Meng cry: “You shouldn’t throw away the ring Chunming gave you.” Su Meng then realized that she hadn’t seen Han Chunming’s noble character for more than 20 years and regretted it. Su Meng fell, she was confessing, but Han Chunming at this time would never forgive her. She threw more than just a ring, she threw a heart that Han Chunming had loved her for 20 years. Han Chunming looked at the collections in the museum with Uncle Guan on his back. Uncle Guan had never seen half of the things.

Uncle Guan returned to his small courtyard, and broken Hou drank for Uncle Guan, and Said Hou said of condolences to Uncle Guan that he dropped the Bafang Cup. This is what Uncle Guan always wanted to see but didn’t see, and he couldn’t bear to take it. Objects coming out. But at this time this Bafang Cup appeared in Su Meng’s home. Although the film is different, the appearance is completely imitation of him. Uncle Guan said he wanted to see it, but he actually forced Han Chunming to find Su Meng.

Han Chunming had no choice but to go against the heart of a nearly 100-year-old man, so he could only bite the bullet and go to Su Meng. Uncle Guan still wanted to watch Han Chunming and Su Mengneng get married. Han Chunming came to Su Meng’s home. When he arrived, he picked up the Geyao Bafang Cup in Su Meng’s hand. When Han Chunming saw her so-called collection in Su Meng’s study , Seeing what she bought for 60 million yuan, Han Chunming was going crazy.

He said: “Ba Jin said it well. Someone couldn’t see the front door and had to go through the back door, but hit the liar’s arms. You Su Meng! All of your things are from one person’s hands, all fake! “Su Meng is stupid, Su Meng collapses, Su Meng feels that his life is completely over. Han Chunming wanted to call the police, but Su Meng refused. She was afraid of ruin, and Han Chunming knew that Cheng Jianjun was behind the scenes.

Han Chunming suspected that Su Meng was deceived by Cheng Jianjun and began an investigation. First started with Li Yuejin, Li Yuejin denied it, and then asked Meng Xiaoxing if Cheng Jianjun knew two Henanese, and gradually let Cheng Jianjun reveal his tail. When Su Meng’s uncle knew that he had been defrauded of 60 million, he was so furious that he felt too terrible.

He was also beaten up by a chicken, his fortune was gone, and his wife was gone. Uncle Guo also realized that Han Chunming had been wronged, and he disposed of all the porcelain in the house. Uncle Su Meng asked Cheng Jianjun to sell something in the pit, and Cheng Jianjun agreed to be the middleman.

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