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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 37 Recap

Guan Xiaoguan’s parents came to Su Meng’s house and talked about Li Chengtao’s ruin. Cheng Jianjun didn’t believe it. They also said that Li Chengtao used to steal things in the factory. Su Meng also testified for him. Su Meng’s parents knew that Cheng Jianjun’s character was not good. Li Chengtao and Han Chunming drink, and the brotherhood is restored. When Cheng Jianjun and Guan Xiaoguan’s parents came to the restaurant, Han Chunming and Li Chengtao hurriedly hid under the table. After they went upstairs, Han Chunming knew that Cheng Jianjun must be selling fakes.

Hou Su’e did not approve of what Uncle Su Meng did. In addition to the fact that his uncle transferred all the inheritance to his niece, Hou Su’e decided to divorce Su Meng’s uncle. She said, you don’t know Han Chunming, I know him, he is not that kind of person. Guan Xiaoguan told Han Chunming and Li Chengtao that Cheng Jianjun had not reached a deal with his parents. Hou Su’e returned to Po Lanhou’s house and talked about divorcing Uncle Su Meng. Po Lanhou knew that he was unreliable.

Cheng Jianjun told Guan Xiaoguan’s parents that he knew what Uncle Guan left behind. Guan’s mother promised to find one and give him one The collection, they plan to start with Han Mu. After meeting Guan Xiaoguan’s parents explained the reason for coming, Han Mu plans to move back to the former yard.

If you want to hit Han Chunming, the only thing you can use is that Han Chunming squinted Master’s legacy. Cheng Jianjun jumped from behind the scenes to the front desk. They discussed a whole set of measures and decided to defeat Han Chunming in one fell swoop. Su Meng persuaded Hou Su’e not to divorce, and Shao Hou took this opportunity to teach Su Meng a lesson. Only then did Su Meng know why Han Chunming disliked his uncle. Hou Su’e also admired her father’s words very much, and Hou Shao Hou was also prepared to leave the collection to Han Chunming before he died, and he was not relieved to hand it to Hou Su’e.

Broken Hou found Han Chunming’s shadow about the uncle. He broke the Ge Yao Bafang Cup as a confession. When Su Meng heard the Ge Yao Bafang Cup, he remembered the one he had just bought. After Guan Xiaoguan’s parents went home to discuss, they were going to find Han’s mother again. Guan’s father called Cheng Jianjun to ask Cheng Jianjun to improve his conditions. Guan’s mother asked him to stand at the front desk and Cheng Jianjun agreed to jump out. After Su Meng went home, she carefully observed the Ge Yao Bafang Cup on the shelf, and she was suspicious.

Cheng Jianjun proposed to contact Uncle Su Meng. When Li Chengtao got up, he saw that Guan Xiaoguan’s parents were not at home. Su Meng came to Broken Hou’s home and took out the Geyao Bafang Cup to let him hold his hand. Broken Hou was shocked, and he went out to find Han Chunming with his things. Uncle Su Meng and Guan Xiaoguan’s parents came to Han Chunming’s home, and Cheng Jianjun then walked in to seek justice.

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