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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 36 Recap

Su Meng and her uncle were so easily deceived, Cheng Jianjun felt that the opportunity had come, and planned to hack them completely. Han Chunming once again asked people to play the “pit”, and he showed them a high-footed Octagon cup. Under Yang Huajian’s persuasion, Han Chunming agreed to go to Fangshan for an inspection. When he arrived in Fangshan, Han Chunming saw a piece of land at a glance, and Su Meng’s uncle also liked this piece of land.

Han Chunming stayed quiet, and came up with a dilemma at the investment promotion meeting. He said that the land had no future, so he left. Han Chunming didn’t want this piece of land, nor would he want it for old educated youths, and Su Meng did not dare to want it for her uncle. So everyone just took a trip.

Cheng Jianjun had been planning how to lie to Su Meng and her uncle. This time he came to Fangshan as an opportunity. He had done a good job, and when he was eating at noon, Cheng Jianjun’s plan was implemented step by step. Su Meng and her uncle got into his trap. Cheng Jianjun pretended to meet Li Yuejin and Wan Peng in the hotel. After dinner, Cheng Jianjun took Su Meng and her uncle to find Li Yuejin. When they heard about the Geyao Bafang Cup, they broke into the house.

They saw the Shanxi and Henan people in the house. Meng and her uncle were finally deceived and spent 60 million to buy the antiques in the so-called “pit”. Su Meng said that he is also a big collector from now on, no less than Han Chunming in the collecting world. Su Meng’s uncle is even more reluctant to think about Shu, and thinks that he will be one of the few figures in Beijing’s collection circles from now on.

Han Chunming killed a carbine after they left, and went back to Fangshan to find Minister Li to buy the land. Minister Li told Li Yuan about the situation, and Su Meng and her uncle were furious when they learned of this. Her uncle said that Han Chunming was a decent villain. Su Meng had to admit in the face of the facts that Han Chunming had done too much on this matter, and he was even more angry with Han Chunming. Cheng Jianjun added fuel and jealousy aside, he admitted that Han Chunming was still good.

Han Chunming doesn’t like Su Meng and her uncle, and Han Chunming doesn’t like Guan Xiaoguan’s parents, because the two of them have a common virtue, which is to take the “baby” abroad to sell money. The best spirit Han Chunming and his master have learned is to never allow a good object to flow out of the country. He can fight against Guan Xiaoguan’s parents, and can hide his grandfather’s things for Guan Xiaoguan, but he can’t offend Su Meng’s uncle, because everything about Su Meng is given by her uncle.

Han Chunming disliked Cheng Jianjun even more. In his eyes, Jianjun was the worm in the collection world, but Han Chunming offended them all. Once they sit together, they become an alliance. If this is the case, these three types of people colluded and began to challenge Han Chunming and determined to defeat Han Chunming. But Su Meng was kept in the dark, making people a gunman.

Su Meng asked Han Chunming to question his guilt. Han Chunming admitted that he had played a commercial warfare. Su Meng wanted him to give up the land. Han Chunming was desperate for her, Su Meng was angry and left. Li Yuan regretted taking him to Fangshan, Han Chunming Knowing that he was right. Cheng Jianjun was waiting anxiously for the call. He asked Li Yuejin to inquire about the whereabouts of the people, and Cheng Jianjun deliberately fooled him.

Cheng Jianjun pretended to be calm after receiving the call from Uncle Su Meng. Hou Su’e believed that Han Chunming was not lying to Su Meng. The Su family, the Guan family, and the Cheng family are ready to openly challenge Han Chunming to find the relics of Uncle Guan in Han Chunming’s collection. Han Chunming had no choice but to let them find it. Sure enough, I found a few boxes in the collection hall.

At this time, Tao Zi took the initiative to bear the infamy for Han Chunming, falsely claiming that he had stolen the uncle Guan’s inheritance, sold it for money, and went to Macau three times and lost the bet. Li Chengtao was driven out of the house by Guan Xiaoguan’s parents, and Han Chunming and him settled their suspicions. Su’s father hoped that Su Meng would apologize to Han Chunming, but Su Meng was persistent.

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