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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 38 Recap

Kaneko told Guanliang the news that Langda was Japanese. Guan Liang resolutely decided to let Boss Han continue to collect food on holiday news, and put Lang Da to death. Guan Liang found that Guan Shui was still observing himself in secret, so he deliberately let Guan Shui see the note that said “return the wagon skin” and told Guan Shui that there was no shortage of food in Shandong.

Guan Shui naturally told Lang Da the news. Suspicious Lang Da did not believe that Shandong grain prices would fall, so he still planned to continue to supply grain. Guan Liang asked Lang Da to let the news say that Shandong grain prices would fall, and the boss of Xinlong Yinhao urged Langda to pay back the money. Man’er urged Xuezhu and Principal Yu to get married, Xuezhu shyly agreed.

Guan Liang and Principal Yu came to talk very much. Guan Liang appreciates his justice for the country and the people. Principal Yu invited Guan Liang to join the book club. The news of the sharp drop in food prices in Shandong’s grain shortages was released. Lang Da, who was furious, blamed the water management for not doing things well. It turned out that he had been using water management. Only then did the management know that the gold buried in Laojingou was also dug away by Lang Da.

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