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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 37 Recap

Langda took the loan money and saved a large amount of grain. The grain merchants everywhere went to the butler to make trouble and smashed the scene. Lang Dao butler took advantage of the fire and wanted to buy the butler’s grain at a low price, and finally sold at a price that was 10% lower. The grain steward distributes all the bank notes to the debt collectors. The steward now has no grain or money, but the grain steward is not in a hurry. The family does not understand the grain. Guan Liang and Man Er picked up Han’s boss at the train station, and the group went to the restaurant.

They didn’t expect that the creditor just now sat in a lively room. The creditor returned the original number of the bank notes. It turns out that they are all friends in charge of the grain, and they cooperated with the grain to act to deceive Langda. Jin Jin pulled back a few carts of grain used for brewing. It turned out that Guanliang had built three large granaries in Acheng, some of which had already been sent to the disaster-stricken areas in Shandong. Guan Ying realized that.

The disaster-stricken area in Shandong had the court’s relief food, and Guanliang decided to sell all the food in the village. The sound of managing grains hit the west. On the one hand, the boss pretended to rent car skins to collect grain, and on the other hand, he sold the grains to Youfang Grain Shop at low prices. Langda was in the middle of the plan and continued to collect grain. Kaneko happened to see through the identity of Rangda as a Japanese.

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