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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 36 Recap

Guan Shui told Lang Da about the disaster in Shandong. Guan Liang found that Guan Shui still did not want to repent, and was very angry. The Black Dragon Society ordered Langda to continue to store food extensively, but Langda worried that the food would deteriorate if he could not afford to fight.

The grain management design deliberately assigns the family to the place where the grain is collected, and Lang Dazhong calculated that the grain was collected earlier. Guan Liang told Boss Han what he had done, and asked him to go to Master He Ketu to collect grain from a further place. Guan Liang deliberately brought pipe water to the well-known Xinlong Silver Bank to borrow money from usury.

When Langda learned about it, he borrowed the money early to make it difficult for the housekeeper. It seems that the housekeeper is facing the risk of breach of contract once again. Guan Ying does not know the inside story, so he has a big quarrel with Guanliang and wants to take back the power of the family. Principal Yu returned from the south and suffered a gunshot wound. Xuezhu was very worried. Principal Yu invited Xuezhu to join the Xingzhong Club, and Xuezhu readily agreed

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