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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 35 Recap

In order to clear the whistleblower, Guanliang tied the water pipe in front of the ancestor and the whole family. Guan Liang had long secretly found out that Langda had dug the pit, and Guan Shui reported the letter. The pipe food whipped the pipe water, and the pipe water ran away with anger. Guanliang Telegraph, Master He Ketu, asked him to help collect the grain and transport it by train to save the steward’s cooking pot. He Ketu also told Guanliang that Shandong was affected by the disaster, and there was a severe shortage of food.

The housekeeper decided to build an old Guandong granary to transport grain to Shandong. After taking care of the water, Katya didn’t want to be idle with the housekeeper and found a job in the railway bureau. The steward rented wagons in the railway bureau and quietly built a grain station. Langda couldn’t find out the steward’s intention and persuaded the steward to go home. Guan Shui returned home with his family who came to persuade him. Guan Liang deliberately let Guan Shui see the letter from Xi Ketu.

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