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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 34 Recap

Langda begged to control the water to come out of the mountain and use a horse crane to win the trophy. Guan Shui refused, so he had to go, but lost everything, and lost all his previous wins and the house of the Guan Ying family. Langda grasped the handle of the water pipe and threatened to tell the story of the water pipe killing Jiang Shida. Langda hopes to take charge of the water as a gangster, and tell him all about the housekeeper. Guan Shui refused to give up and tried to kill Langda, but he tried to kill the wrong person. In the end, Langda was completely controlled.

Guan Liang Arrangement Jin Jin has been observing the movement of Guan Shui in secret. Guan Liang learns that Guan Shui is fooling around with Langda again, and tells Guan Ying to have a foreboding. The winery received a large number of orders at once, and Guan Ying was happy, but Guan Liang felt that things were strange. In order to prevent the supply from being unavailable, butlers went everywhere to collect food, but they were always taken one step ahead of the people’s food.

The wine merchants learned that the butler was out of food and demanded compensation with orders. Guan Shui proposed to transfer the loss of the order to Langda, Guan Ying refused, Guan Liang offered to hand over the distillery to him, and then returned to Guan Ying after the difficulties. Guan Ying trusted his elder brother and handed over the power.

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