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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 32 Recap

Guan Ying’s family found that Guan Liang was missing and looked around. Friends and relatives and the people in the courtyard who came to congratulate us just waited for the wedding to begin. But the steward took Xuezhu and the child back home, and the steward suddenly became a mess. Xuezhu was unwilling to grab Man’er’s husband, and insisted on leaving. The wedding of Man’er and Guanliang had to be held as usual. The new principal of Songjiang Elementary School, Yu, appreciates Xuezhu’s knowledge and ethics. He has appointed Xuezhu to teach Chinese and at the same time educate students to save the country.

Langda’s Tianyou Xia Troupe was renamed the Black Dragon Club and used the name of Fusang Leather Shoe Store to go to Chencang. Matsuno, the leader of the Black Dragon Association, ordered Langda to monopolize the food market and prepare for military supplies. Guan Liang and Man Er often come to the school to visit Xue Zhu and her children. Man Er is very kind to Xue Zhu Niang and Guan Liang is grateful. Xuezhu and Principal Yu had a very good chat and joined his book club.

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